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Mohamed Abdou

Distinguished Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, UCLA

Director, Fusion Science & Technology Center at UCLA

Director, Center for Energy Science and Technology Advanced Research (CESTAR)

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Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1973

M.S., University of Wisconsin, 1971

B.S., University of Alexandria, 1967


Areas of Research

Fusion technology design and analysis, free-surface heat transfer and fluid mechanics, magnetohydrodynamics, thermomechanics, particle and radiation transport, tritium production and processing, materials, high-heat flux components; liquid walls; research includes experiments, modelling, design, and analysis.

  1. Neutronics
  2. Tritium Behavior & Fuel Cycle
  3. Thermofluids
  4. Thermomechanics
  5. Innovative Designs

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Key Professional Activities

  • Director, Fusion Science and Technology Center at UCLA (1998–present)
  • Director, Center for Energy Science and Advanced Technology Research (CESTAR) (2003–present)
  • US Leader, International Test Blanket Module Program for ITER
  • Chairman, International Standing Committee for Fusion Nuclear Technology (1991–1994, 1997–2002)
  • Leader, APEX (Advanced Power Extraction) Project, a multi-national, multi-disciplinary, and multi-institutional project for innovative high power density fusion nuclear technology. (1997–present)
  • Leader, US-Japan Collaboration on Thermofluids and Thermomechanics. (1995–present)
  • Chairman, World Bank International Consultants Committee on Science and Technology (1995–1997)
  • Member,US Environmental Protection Agency delegation to Workshop on Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing in Cairo (1996)
  • Leader, International Energy Agency (IEA) Study on High-Volume Plasma Based Neutron Sources (participants: Europe, Japan, USA, Russia; observers: China)(1994–1995)
  • US Leader for ITER Technology Testing [ITER is the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, a $10 billion collaborative project between the U.S., Japan, Europe, and Russia] (Leader of the International Program, 1987–1989 and 1993–1995; Leader of the U.S. Program 1987–1999)
  • Member, White House Panel on Environmentally Sustainable Development (1990)
  • US Leader of several collaborative Fusion Technology Programs with Europe, Japan, China, and Russia
  • Leader of several multi-institution, multi-disciplinary system and technology studies (e.g. STARFIRE, Blanket Comparison and Selection Study, INTOR Fusion Technology)
  • Editor, Fusion Engineering and Design (Scholarly Journal published by Elsevier)


Honors and Awards

  • Miya-Abdou Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Fusion Nuclear Technology (2002)
  • An award founded by the International Steering Committee for Fusion Nuclear Technology (ISFNT) to be given every three years in recognition of Miya and Abdou's pioneering scholarly research and leadership contributions in laying the technical foundations for and advancing the field of Fusion Nuclear Technology.

  • American Muslim Achievement Award (2000)

    Presented annually to recognize American Muslims who have made truly outstanding contributions in their fields of work, and to the world community. Past recipients include Nobel Prize winners, Film Directors, Scientists, and Corporate Chief Executives.

  • Fusion Power Associates Leadership Award (1996)

    For outstanding leadership qualities in accelerating the development of fusion. In selecting you the Board recognizes the outstanding job you have done over many years to provide vision, leadership and direction to the U.S. and world Fusion technology programs. We recognize both your prolific technical contributions and your leadership of several multi-institutional technical and planning studies.

  • Leader, International Study on High Volume Plasma-Based Neutron Sources (1994)

    Selected by the Heads of the World Programs to lead the study under the auspices of the International Energy Agency (IEA) in 1994-1995. Major participants included Europe, Japan, and the U.S. The study conducted a technical evaluation and recommended a new facility (VNS) at a cost of 2 billion dollars.

  • Fellow, American Nuclear Society (1990)

    For his outstanding contributions to the advancement of nuclear science and engineering. For his outstanding contributions to fusion science and engineering and the development of fusion nuclear technology including pioneering research in fusion neutronics, blanket, and shielding analysis, and for exceptional leadership of several reactor design studies and fusion nuclear engineering research projects.

  • Elected Fellow, The Academy of Sciences for the Developing World (1989)
  • ANS Outstanding Achievement Award (1988)

    The Outstanding Achievement Award is the most prestigious award of the Fusion Engineering Division of ANS. It is presented to an ANS member in recognition of exemplary individual achievement requiring professional excellence and leadership of high caliber in the area of fusion science and engineering.

  • US Department of Energy Distinguished Associate Award (1988)

    (Most prestigious award by the Secretary of Energy to DOE contractor.) This award is in recognition of your exceptional leadership of the Technical Program Analysis activity. Your efforts have resulted in the first comprehensive and detailed technical plan for the development of fusion energy.This body of work will serve as a solid foundation for both long-term planning in the U.S. Magnetic Fusion Energy Program, as well as for international.

  • American Nuclear Society Young Members Engineering Achievement Award (1982)

    For recognition of outstanding contributions to fusion technology and engineering including pioneering developments in fusion neutronics and shielding analysis, leadership in the STARFIRE tokamak reactor conceptual design, and direction of the nuclear systems and materials analysis for the US Fusion Engineering Device (FED) and International Tokamak Reactor (INTOR) Project.

  • Invited Keynote Speaker to several major international conferences.
  • Chaired many scientific, review, and advisory panels for the US Government, Academy of Sciences, and international organizations.



Over 300 publications in scholarly journals on fusion nuclear technology, heat transfer, magnetohydrodynamics, tritium production and processing, particle transport, radiation protection, materials, thermomechanical applications, and renewable energy sources.  Research covers design, experiments, modeling, analysis, and prototype testing. Several publications on technical planning of R&D for large national and collaborative international technology projects and facilities.


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Presentations, Seminars and Keynote Addresses

Over 300 presentations given at various conferences, symposia, workshops, and planning meetings; invited keynote speaker at numerous highly regarded international conferences; seminars given at leading institutes, government agencies, and universities.


"Fusion Nuclear Technology: Grand Challenges with Exciting Opportunities for Young Researchers", keynote remarks presented at the 7th Int'l Symposium on Fusion Nuclear Technology, 22-29 May 2005. [Powerpoint]

"Fusion: The Energy Source for the XXI Century", keynote remarks presented at the 9th Int'l Cairo Conference on Energy and Environment, 13-17 March 2005. [Powerpoint]

"Fusion: Basic Principles, Current Progress and ITER Plans", plenary talk presented at the 9th Int'l Cairo Conference on Energy and Environment, 13-17 March 2005. [Powerpoint]

"ITER Test Blanket Module (TBM) and ITER Nuclear Science and Engineering", presented at the VLT/USIPO meeting, PPPL, Princeton NJ, 20-21 October 2004. [Powerpoint]

"Overview of US and UCLA Plasma Chamber Systems Program (and UCLA work under PFC)", briefing to Gene Nardella, DOE/OFES, Washington, D.C, 21 July 2004. [PowerPoint or Adobe PDF]

"Overview of Principles, Concepts, and Key Issues of Fusion Nuclear Technology", KAERI/KBSI, Korea, April, 2004. [Presentation]

"Overview of Fusion Nuclear Technology", KAIF/KNS, Seoul, Korea, April 27, 2004. [Presentation]

"Plasma Chamber Systems", General Atomics, San Diego, March 2, 2004. [Presentation]

"Briefing to DOE Office of Science on Fusion Chamber Technology", Washington D.C., June 3, 2003. [Presentation]

"US Participation in the ITER Test Blanket Module Program", US ITER Forum, Adelphi, MD, May 8, 2003. [Presentation, US Participation in the ITER Test Blanket Program]

"Chamber Technology (CT), Why Now?", VLT-PAC Meeting, General Atomics, San Diego, CA, February 25, 2003. [Presentation]

"On Fusion Nuclear Technology Development Requirements and the Role of CTF toward DEMO", FESAC Development Path Panel Meeting, LLNL, Livermore, CA, October 28, 2002. [Presentation, Appendix]

US Fusion Materials Sciences Program Strategic Planning Meeting, UCSB (Santa Barbara, CA), August 27, 2002. [Presentation, Appendix A, Appendix B, Appendix C]

Contact Information


(310) 206-0501


(310) 825-2599


UCLA, MAE Dept, 44-114 ENG IV
Los Angeles, CA, 90095-1597