(112 MB available)


LX8/29C3/Our daily Job- Hacking the law [29C3].mp4

LX8/29C3/Certificate Authority Collapse.mp4

LX8/29C3/Re-igniting the crypto-wars on the web [29C3[preview]].mp4

LX8/29C3/Trojaner-Blindflug [29c3].mp4

LX8/29C3/Die Wahrheit, was wirklich passierte und was in der Zeitung stand [29c3].mp4

LX8/29C3/Jesselyn Radack, Thomas Drake, William Binney on whistleblowing and surveillance.mp4


LX8/30c3/Jacob Appelbaum - To protect and infect Part 2.mp4

LX8/30c3/Der Kampf um NetzneutralitŠt - Wer kontrolliert das Netz? [30c3].mp4

LX8/30c3/Nerds in the news [30c3].mp4

LX8/30c3/Ueberwachen und Sprache [30C3].mp4

LX8/30c3/Through a PRISM Darkly Everything we know about NSA spying [30c3].mp4

LX8/30c3/The Internet (Doesnt) Need Another Security Guide [30c3].mp4


LX8/Arts/Johanna Levy

LX8/Arts/Johanna Levy/intro.png

LX8/Arts/Johanna Levy/After, Première Êtape de travail.mp4

LX8/Arts/Johanna Levy/AFTER-short Dezember 2014.mp4

LX8/Arts/Johanna Levy/After, Dossier 2014.pdf

LX8/Arts/Klaus Kammer "Ein Bericht fuer eine Akademie"27.9.1962.mp4

LEXAR_8GB/Arts/Tonio Kroeger mit Th. Mann 1.mov

LEXAR_8GB/Arts/Marcel Proust - Auf der Suche nach der verlorenen Zeit.mov

LX8/Arts/Stechlin (1.mp3 - 10.mp3)

LX8/Breitband Audio-Beitraege

LX8/Breitband Audio-Beitraege/weichert_2010.mp3

LX8/Breitband Audio-Beitraege/sifry_2011.mp3

LX8/Breitband Audio-Beitraege/Banse_et_al_drk_2016.03.26_1305_f0105ebf.mp3


LX8/DemocracyNow/5_More_Secrets_on_Growing_State_Surveillance_ Exclusive_with_NSA_Whistleblower_Targeted_Hacker.mp4

LX8/DemocracyNow/William_Binney-Interview, April20, 2012.mov


LX8/DemocracyNow/4_Whistleblower_The_NSA_Is_Lying - U.S._Government_Has_Copies_of_Most_of_Your_Emails-April202012.mp4




LX8/films/Caravaggio 1986 Derek Jarman.mp4


LX8/Interviews/Ed Murrow - a conversation with J.Robert Oppenheimer.mp4


LX8/Interviews/Edelman/Gerald Edelman talks to Basil Gelpke- Simple words and deep meanings.mp4

LX8/Interviews/Edelman/History of Neuroscience- Gerald Edelman.mp4
















LX8/Interviews/Walter Masing Leben.wmv

LX8/re-publica 2014

LX8/re-publica 2014/Katarzyna Szymielewicz- Why should yo....mp4

LX8/re-publica 2014/Gate keeping, old and new. Alexa O'Brian-Jillian York.mp4

LX8/re-publica 2014/Florian Alexander Schmidt- Crowdsourcing Design- The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.mp4

LX8/re-publica 2014/Sarah Harrison - WikiLeaks, Manning and Snowden- From USA to USB.mp4


LX8/SIGINT_13/The Politics of Surveillance- Understanding the National Security Agency.mp4

LX8/SIGINT_13/How to wiretap the Cloud without anybody noticing.mp4


LX8/Surveillance/NSA Whistleblower William Binney- The Future of FREEDOM Tragedy&Hope.mp4 (notes)

LX8/Surveillance/Thomas Drake Ntl Press Club 2013.flv


LX8/Surveillance/Raegan MacDonald- Surveillance by Design_re-publica_2013.mp4

LX8/Surveillance/NSA - BND - VS - Geheimdienste außer Kontrolle.mp4

LX8/Surveillance/Edward Snowden Interview 26.1.2014.mp4


(222 MB available)


LX16/30c3/Hillbilly Tracking of Low Earth Orbit [30c3].flv

LX16/30c3/Fnord News Show 2013 [30c3] mit Frank & Fefe.flv

LX16/30c3/Amtliche Datenschuetzer - Kontrolleure oder Papiertiger.mp4

LX16/30c3/Bullshit made in Germany [30c3].mp4

LX16/30c3/Keine Anhaltspunkte fŸr flŠchendeckende Überwachung [30c3 - preview].mp4

LX16/30c3/How to Build a Mind Artificial Intelligence Reloaded [30c3].mp4

LX16/30c3/Against Metadata [30c3].mp4

LX16/30c3/Europe the USA and Identity Ecosystems [30c3].flv

LX16/30c3/Drones [30c3].flv

LX16/30c3/Making machines that make [30C3].flv

LX16/30c3/Hardware Attacks, Advanced ARM Exploitation, and Android Hacking [30c3].flv

LX16/30c3/Der Kampf um Netzneutralitaet Wer kontrolliert das Netz[30c3].flv

LX16/30c3/Hacker Jeopardy 2013 [30c3].flv

LX16/30c3/Julian Assange- Sysadmins of the world, unite! [30c3].flv

LX16/30c3/Ecuador and hope for global privacy - Jacob Appelbaum at 30C3.flv

LX16/30c3/Basics of Digital Wireless Communication [30c3].mp4

LX16/30c3/The Four Wars Terror whistleblowers drugs internet [30c3].flv

LX16/30c3/Drohnenkriege - KriegeDerZukunft.mp4

LX16/30c3/Closing Event.flv

LX16/30c3/Der tiefe Staat [30c3].flv

LX16/30c3/Concepts for global TSCM.mp4

LX16/30c3/Beyond the Tech - Building Internet Freedom Tools for Real People.mp4

LX16/30c3/Backdoors Government Hacking and The Next Crypto Wars [30c3].mp4

LX16/30c3/Chelsea Manning  [30c3].flv

LX16/30c3/DLF-Diskussion - Big Data&Dual Use.flv

LX16/30c3/DLF-Diskussion - Braucht Informatik Hacker.flv

LX16/30c3/Kryptographie nach Snowden [30C3[preview]].mp4


LX16/30c3/Counter Strike - Lawful Interception [30c3].flv

LX16/30c3/Glenn Greenwald [30C3-27.12.13].flv

LX16/30c3/Electronic Bank Robberies [30c3].mp4

LX16/30c3/Seeing the Secret State - Six Landscapes [30c3].mp4

LX16/30c3/My journey into FM-RDS [30c3].mp4

LX16/30c3/The Year in Crypto [30c3].mp4

LX16/30c3/Warum die Digitale Revolution des Lernens gescheiterti st [30c3].mp4

LX16/30c3/The Tor Network [30c3] (with Jacob Applebaum).flv

LX16/30c3/Zwischen supersicherer VerschlŸsselung und Klartext.mp4

LX16/30c3/Wie wehrt man sich gegen UeberwachungTimPritlove.flv



LX16/Filme/Der Aufstieg

LX16/Filme/Der Koenig und sein Narr.flv

LX16/Films/Der Spion, der aus der Kälte kam.mp4

LX16/Filme/Dirty Wars 2013.mp4

LX16/Filme/Jenseits von Schweden

LX16/Filme/Le joueur de violon (1994).mp4

LX16/Filme/MAHATMA - Life of Gandhi, 1869-1948 Pt1 of 2 (2h).mp4

LX16/Filme/MAHATMA - Life of Gandhi, 1869-1948 Pt2 of 2 (3hrs 10min).mp4





LX16/Interviews/Max Plancks Selbstdarstellung 1942.mov






LX16/Surveillance/Exclusive_ National_Security_Agency_Whistleblower_William_Binney_on_Growing_State_Surveillance.mp4




LX16/Surveillance/Whistleblower_The_NSA_Is_Lying - U.S._Government_Has_Copies_of_Most_of_Your_Emails-April202012.mp4

LX16/Surveillance/Bugs Bunny von Stop Orwell 2020 #OpBama #PRISM - Berlin 19.06.2013.mp4

LX16/Surveillance/detained in the US Filmmaker Laura Poitras April 20 2012.mp4


LX16/Surveillance/More_Secrets_on_Growing_State_Surveillance_ Exclusive_with_NSA_Whistleblower_Targeted_Hacker.mp4


(242 MB available)


INTENSO#1/32C3/Avoiding kernel panic- Europe's biggest fails in digital policy-making.mp4

INTENSO#1/32C3/How to browse the internet anonymously using Tails and Tor.mp4

INTENSO#1/32C3/Net Neutrality in Europe.mp4

INTENSO#1/32C3/Netzpolitik in der Schweiz [32c3].mp4

INTENSO#1/32C3/All Our Shared Spectrum Are Belong to Us.mp4

INTENSO#1/32C3/Hardware-Trojaner in Security-Chips [32c3].mp4

INTENSO#1/32C3/Crypto Wars Part II- The Empires Strike Back.mp4


INTENSO#1/Filme/Mein Name ist Bach.mp4

INTENSO#1/Filme/The Cafeteria by Isaac Bashevis Singer.mp3


INTENSO#1/Filme/Girl with a Pearl Earring.mp4


INTENSO#1/Geheimdienst-UA/Geheimdienst-UA Papier, BŠcker, Hoffmann-Riem "Grundrechte wahren".mp4 (Hoffmann-Riem ab 28:00, BŠcker ab 44:18)

INTENSO#1/Geheimdienst-UA/Hans-Juergen Papier-Keynote.mp4 - Grundrechtskonform? Spannung nachrichtendienstliche Aufklaerungsarbeit und Anforderungen von Grundgesetz

INTENSO#1/Geheimdienst-UA/NSA-Untersuchungsausschuss des Bundestags 9. Sitzung - Expertenrunde-Cyberangriffe.mp4

INTENSO#1/Geheimdienst-UA/Matthias Baecker - Strategische TelekommunikationsŸberwachung auf dem Pruefstand.mp4

INTENSO#1/Andre_Meister_BND-Gesetz-npa52-DigiGes(18.10.2016).mp4 (in YouTube)

INTENSO#1/Gekaufte Journalisten - Udo Ulfkotte im Interview.mp4

INTENSO#1/Jeffrey Sachs

INTENSO#1/Jeffrey Sachs/Jeffrey Sachs - The Age of Sustainable Development.mp4

INTENSO#1/Jeffrey Sachs/Talk to Al Jazeera - Jeffrey Sachs- 'That's not a free market, that's a game'.mp4

INTENSO#1/Jeffrey Sachs/2015-The Age of Sustainable Development.mp4

INTENSO#1/Jeffrey Sachs/Jeffrey Sachs & Kevin Watkins on Financing for sustainable development.mp4

INTENSO#1/Jeffrey Sachs/CIRSD Conference, "The Crisis in Ukraine", Prof. Jeffrey D. Sachs, Columbia University.mp4

INTENSO#1/Jeffrey Sachs/Jeffrey Sachs - Ending Poverty in Our Generation.mp4

INTENSO#1/Jeffrey Sachs/Climate Change and the Green Economy - Jeffrey Sachs.mp4

INTENSO#1/Jeffrey Sachs/Jeffrey Sachs (full) | Conversations with Tyler.mp4

INTENSO#1/Jeffrey Sachs/Globalization, Technological Change, and Inequality- Jeffrey Sachs and Paul Krugman in Conversation.mp4

INTENSO#1/Joseph Rotblat

INTENSO#1/Joseph Rotblat/Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs- "The Social Responsibility of Scientists".mp4

INTENSO#1/Joseph Rotblat/Rotblat@BBC_January10_2012.mp3

IINTENSO#1/Richard Rhodes in Sophie Co, 7 May 2017.mpeg (transcript)


INTENSO#1/Krone-Schmalz/Krone-Schmalz- Russland, Feindbilder, Journalisten und Putin-Versteher.mp4

INTENSO#1/Krone-Schmalz/Wichige Nachrichten im Russ.-TV. was jeder wissen muss, aber westliche Medien verschweigen!.mp4

INTENSO#1/Krone-Schmalz/Gabriele Krone-Schmalz Ÿber "NATO in Zivil" in der Ukraine, Russland und Medienpropaganda.mp4

INTENSO#1/Krone-Schmalz/Gabriele Krone-Schmalz- Russland verstehen Teil- 3-4 Tipp- NachDenkSeiten.de.mp3

INTENSO#1/Krone-Schmalz/Gabriele Krone-Schmalz- Russland verstehen Teil- 4-4 Tipp- NachDenkSeiten.de.mp3

INTENSO#1/Krone-Schmalz/Gabriele Krone-Schmalz-Pazifismus wird ins LŠcherliche gezogen und Politik militarisiert sich.mp4

INTENSO#1/Krone-Schmalz/Im Dialog- Gabriele Krone Schmalz Ÿber Ukraine-Konflikt, Russland, Putin, Medien.mp4

INTENSO#1/Krone-Schmalz/Ukraine Krieg- Rede von Gabriele Krone Schmalz (6.9.14).mp4

INTENSO#1/Krone-Schmalz/Unbedingt anschauen- Ein echter, neutraler EuropŠer analysiert Ukraine-Konflikt.mp4

INTENSO#1/Krone-Schmalz/Scherbenhaufen einer verfehlten Russlandpolitik.mp4

INTENSO#1/Krone-Schmalz/Prof. Dr. Gabriele Krone-Schmalz- "GefŠhrliche Feindbilder und in Macht verliebte Psychopathen"..mp4

INTENSO#1/Krone-Schmalz/Krone-Schmalz- Medien nicht hilfreich! Journalisten sollen nicht Politik machen sondern erklŠren.mp4

INTENSO#1/Krone-Schmalz/Gabriele Krone-Schmalz- Einseitige Berichterstattung in den Medien..mp4

INTENSO#1/Krone-Schmalz/(2) G. Krone-Schmalz- Russland verstehen. Der Kampf um die Ukraine und die Arroganz des Westens..mp4

INTENSO#1/Krone-Schmalz/Hintergrund- Rede von Prof. Dr. Grabriele Krone Schmalz zum VĂślkerrecht..mp4

INTENSO#1/Krone-Schmalz/Gabriele Krone-Schmalz-Pazifismus wird ins LŠcherliche gezogen und Politik militarisiert sich-1.mp4

INTENSO#1/Krone-Schmalz/Gabriele Krone-Schmalz- Russland verstehen Teil- 1-4 Tipp- NachDenkSeiten.de.mp3

INTENSO#1/Krone-Schmalz/Gabriele Krone-Schmalz- Russland verstehen Teil- 2-4 Tipp- NachDenkSeiten.de.mp3

INTENSO#1/Krone-Schmalz/Russlandexpertin Gabriele Krone-Schmalz | alpha-Forum | ARD-alpha.mp4

INTENSO#1/re-publica 15 + Media Convention 2015

INTENSO#1/re-publica 15 + Media Convention 2015/301+ - Das YouTube Netzwerk.mp4

INTENSO#1/re-publica 15 + Media Convention 2015/Annie Machon- The War on Concepts.mp4

INTENSO#1/re-publica 15 + Media Convention 2015/Bernhard PĂśrksen mit P. Banse.mp4

INTENSO#1/re-publica 15 + Media Convention 2015/Henning Tillmann- VDS verhindern  -  letzte Chance SPD-Parteikonvent?.mp4

INTENSO#1/re-publica 15 + Media Convention 2015/Ingrid Brodnig- Die kaputte politische Debatte- Wie das Internet Teil des Pro....mp4

INTENSO#1/re-publica 15 + Media Convention 2015/Jacob Appelbaum, Max Hoppenstedt- Frontier of Freedom  - The State of the Deepweb.mp4

INTENSO#1/re-publica 15 + Media Convention 2015/Leonhard Dobusch- Wider die Bewilligungskultur im Netz.mp4

INTENSO#1/re-publica 15 + Media Convention 2015/Andre Meister- Luegen fŸr die Vorratsdatenspeicherung.mp4

INTENSO#1/re-publica 15 + Media Convention 2015/Frank Rieger- Warum wir aufhoeren muessen, zu versuchen, Technologien als sol....mp4

INTENSO#1/re-publica 15 + Media Convention 2015/Danko Nikolic- AI-kindergarten- Building biological-like artificial intelligence.mp4

INTENSO#1/re-publica 15 + Media Convention 2015/MediaConvention2015

INTENSO#1/re-publica 15 + Media Convention 2015/MediaConvention2015/Bernhard Poerksen- Die fuenfte Gewalt. Die Macht der vernetzten Vielen.mp4

INTENSO#1/re-publica 15 + Media Convention 2015/MediaConvention2015/The IS in us.mp4

INTENSO#1/re-publica 15 + Media Convention 2015/Sanya Smith, Ralf Bendrath, Estelle Masse - Trade Agreements and the Net - FAQ Panel.mp4

INTENSO#1/re-publica 15 + Media Convention 2015/netzpolitik.org- Mit Journalismus fŸr digitale Grundrechte eintreten.mp4

INTENSO#1/re-publica 15 + Media Convention 2015/Sanya Smith- US attacks on data privacy through trade agreements.mp4

INTENSO#1/re-publica 15 + Media Convention 2015/Parker Higgins, JĂŠrĂŠmie Zimmermann et al- Disrupting the Surveillance Ecosystem.mp4

INTENSO#1/re-publica 15 + Media Convention 2015/Wolfie Christl- Corporate Surveillance in the Age of Digital Tracking, Big Da....mp4

INTENSO#1/re-publica 15 + Media Convention 2015/Neues Europa, neue Arbeitswelt  -  wie, wann und wo passiert das.mp4


INTENSO#1/Star Trek TNG/StarTrekTNG_on_YouTube.rtf

INTENSO#1/Star Trek TNG/S05E23 SD 45854.2 Ich_bin_Hugh_(I,Borg).mp4

INTENSO#1/Star Trek TNG/S06E09 SD46307 Quality of Life.2mp4.mp4

INTENSO#1/Star Trek TNG/S02E11 SD 42609.1 Contagion 1.mp4

INTENSO#1/Star Trek TNG/S07e24 Preemptive Strike.mp4

INTENSO#1/Star Trek TNG/S02E11 SD 42609.1 Contagion 2.mp4

INTENSO#1/Star Trek TNG/S07e22 Bloodlines.mp4





INTENSO#1/The American War- The U.S. in Vietnam.mp4

INTENSO#1/transmediale 2014

INTENSO#1/transmediale/transmediale 2014 afterglow -- Circumventing the Panopticon.mp4

INTENSO#1/transmediale/transmediale 2014 afterglow -- Uses and Abuses of Big Data.mp4

INTENSO#1/transmediale/transmediale 2014 afterglow keynote -- DoRadical Futures.mp4

INTENSO#1/trnn (mp4 & mp3)




INTENSO#1/trnn/Larry Wilkerson

INTENSO#1/trnn/Gar Alperovitz



INTENSO#1/trnn/James K. Boyce




INTENSO#1/trnn/Aleksandr Buzgalin






INTENSO#1/trnn/binney.hedges/binneyhedges0109rai pt1_high.mp4

INTENSO#1/trnn/binney.hedges/binneyhedges0109rai pt2_high.mp4


INTENSO#1/trnn/trnn.news - INTENSO#1/trnn/trnn.news/rparry0303ukraine.mp4



INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/Die Krieger des Computerzeitalters - ARDDoku deutsch 2015.mp4



INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/Binney/Alex Jones - InfoWars

INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/Binney/Alex Jones - InfoWars/William Binney on The Alex Jones Show (8-5-16).mp4

INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/Binney/Alex Jones - InfoWars/Whistleblower- NSA Is Backbone Of World Surveillance State.mp4


INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/Binney/Alex Jones - InfoWars/Alex Jones Commercial Free - Wednesday (7-27-16) William Binney,Matt Bracken,Roger Stone.3gp.ds

INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/Binney/Alex Jones - InfoWars/!_NSA Whistleblower Reveals U.S. Slide into Totalitarianism.mp4

INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/Binney/W. Binney, NSA Whistleblower•ExposeFacts.org•News Conference•Washington•June 4th 2014.mp4

INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/Binney/acTVism-VIDEO-Exklusiv mit William Binney.mp4 - Info

INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/Binney/William Binney- NSA had 911 foreknowledge Covert_Harassment_Conf_2014.mp4 (transcript in Alexa O'Brian's blog - in cache)


INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/Ellsberg/"Terminate With Extreme Prejudice" Daniel Ellsberg Talks About CIA Plot To Assassinate Him.mp4

INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/Ellsberg/Ellsberg Explains Reality of US Foreign Policy to Kristol p1.mp4

INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/Ellsberg/Exposes the US Government (Pentagon Papers Documentary) pts 1 - 9

INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/Ellsberg/How Governments Lie- Daniel Ellsberg Interview - Politics, Watergate & Pentagon Papers (1987).mp4

INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/Ellsberg/Nuclear Weapons and Humanity's Future.mp4

INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/Ellsberg/WikiLeaks- Julian Assange and Daniel Ellsberg in conversation.mp4

INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/Ellsberg/on Snowden, Manning, Government and Whistleblowers.mp4

INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/Ellsberg/Secrets - Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers (2002+).mp4

INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/Ellsberg/Obama should be impeached.mp4

INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/Ellsberg/The Nation- The Most Dangerous Man in America.mp4

INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/Ellsberg/on the Vietnam & Afghanistan Wars (CSPAN 2009).mp4

INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/Ellsberg/The Pentagon Papers Case- Supreme Court Decision, Vietnam War - Daniel Ellsberg (2006).mp4

INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/Ellsberg/Talks at Google.mp4

INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/Ellsberg/What Top Secret Documents Would Tell Us About ISIS- Ellsberg COMPLETE-exposefacts.mp4

INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/Interview with Jacob Appelbaum.mp4


INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/netzpolitik.org/3sat-Kulturzeit- Geheime Straftaeter - Whistleblower unter Anklage.mp4

INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/SILENCED - Whistleblower Documentary w. Thomas Andrew Drake, Jesselyn Raddack + James Spione.mp4


INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/Snowden/CITP-LAPA-WWS Special Event- Edward Snowden in Conversation with Bart Gellman.mp4

INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/Snowden/David Carr's Final Interview With Edward Snowden Before His Death (Full Length).mp4

INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/Snowden/HOPE X- Snowden - Ellsberg -- http---x.hope.net.mp4

INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/Snowden/Truth Unveiled Documentary.mp4

INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/Snowden/Jagd auf Snowden - John Goetz.mp4

INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/Snowden/Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden live on Stage at #CGC15.mp4

INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/Snowden/Lawrence Lessig Interviews Edward Snowden.mp4 - Sept. 2014

INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/Snowden/Julian Assange On The Whistleblower Edward Snowden.mp4

INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/Snowden/Debate With Journalist Chris Hedges & Law Scholar Geoffrey Stone.mp4

INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/Snowden/Amnesty International hosts Q&A.mp4


INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/Snowden/snowden, greenwald, chomsky on acTVism.mp4, 31. Oktober 2016 - Info

INTENSO#1/Whistleblower/Snowden/From Moscow with Love.mp4, 22. September 2016 - Info


INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/Empire Files Fmr. Bush Official says the Empire's Ship is Sinking-2015-12-01-amartin1211ef14wilkerson.mp3

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/Pt1 The Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex.mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/Is the U.S. Secretly Welcoming Increased Russian Syria Involvement?.mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/Israel, Iran, and ISIS - U.S. Policy Towards Syria is Wrong says Wilkerson.mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/Marco Rubio Rises in the Polls While Promoting Reagan-Style Foreign Policy-1.mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/The Empire Files- 'This Ship is Sinking' Says Former Bush Official.mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/Republicans and Some Democrats are Seeking a Veto-Proof Bill on the Nuclear Agreement with Iran.mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/An Evening With Larry Wilkerson.mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/Pt3 The Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex.mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/Kerry Opens a Door to Negotiating with Assad in Syria.mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/Colleges Train for Work, Not Thought.mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/Wilkerson on 9-11.mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/Why Is Obama Using Flimsy Evidence to Blame North Korea for Sony Hack?.mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/Wilkerson on Cuba.mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/Wilkerson on Cuba Pt.2.mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/Who's Behind the Restoration of US-Cuba Relations?.mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/Why does Cuba fear Miami?.mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/War Profits Drive GOP Hawks- Wilkerson on GOP Debate.mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/Why a Saudi King Might Want the US to Attack Iran.mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/What are U.S. Objectives in Weakening Russia's Economy?.mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/US foreign policy - Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson.mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/Assad Has Lost Over Fifty Percent of Syria to ISIS-2.mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/Turkey Enters Fight Against ISIS, But Target is Still Assad.mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/Ousting Assad is Counterproductive and Illegal, Says Congresswoman.mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/Paris Evokes 9-11 in State of Fear and Revenge.mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/Skin In the Game- Poor Kids and Patriots.mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/Sen. Marco Rubio Unveils His Candidacy and Platform for "A New American Century".mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/Pt2 The Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex.mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/Estamos de Vuelta! The Cuban Embassy Reopens.mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/A Security and Finance State that Dominates the American People.mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/Colleges Train for Work, Not Thought-1.mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/Merkel In Washington Seeking a Negotiated Solution to Ukraine-1.mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson "GOP Is On Their Rear Ends!".mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/How Israel planned Flotilla attack.mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/Is America Becoming a Garrison State?.mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/Israel and US Strategic Interests.mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/Cheney Blasts Iran Deal, Forgets That As VP Iran Got Closer to Getting Nukes.mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/Will Congress Unravel the Iran Nuclear Deal?.mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/Wilkerson- Iran Deal Creates World's Most Intrusive Inspection Regime-1.mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/Wilkerson- The Hypocrisy of U.S. Syria Policy (2-2).mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/Wilkerson- The Hypocrisy of U.S. Syria Policy (1-2).mp4

INTENSO#1/Wilkerson/Wilkerson on the Decline of Empire 3.mp4

INTENSO#1/Von Mossadegh Ÿber Gaddafi zu Putin! Westliche Inszenierung von Feindbildern! Michael LŸders.mp4


(44 MB available)

INTENSO#2/breitband 2010:4

INTENSO#2/breitband 2010:4/carne_ross_2010.mp3

INTENSO#2/breitband 2010:4/NSA-Ausschuss- Exportgut Datenschutz.mp4

INTENSO#2/Climate Change

INTENSO#2/Climate Change/James Hansen_Climate Change a Scientific, Moral and Legal Issue.mp4


INTENSO#2/Eine Maschine veraendert die Welt

INTENSO#2/Eine Maschine veraendert die Welt/Teil 1 - Wie die Computer rechnen lernten.mp4

INTENSO#2/Eine Maschine veraendert die Welt/Teil 2 - Die Computer-Industrie entsteht.mp4

INTENSO#2/Eine Maschine veraendert die Welt/Teil 3 - Computer fuer alle.mp4

INTENSO#2/Eine Maschine veraendert die Welt/Teil 4 - Kuenstliche Intelligenz.mp4


INTENSO#2/Filme/Awakenings_complete - YouTube.flv

INTENSO#2/Filme/Bloomberg Game Changers - Sergey Brin & Larry Page Google Full Story.mp4

INTENSO#2/Filme/Comandante (2.mp4 - 12.mp4)

INTENSO#2/Filme/Der_Preis (1.mp4 - 6.mp4)

INTENSO#2/Filme/Des Teufels General.mp4


INTENSO#2/Filme/E=mc2/E=mc2 - Einsteins Big Idea.mp4

INTENSO#2/Filme/E=mc2/Einsteins Big Idea 1of2.mp4

INTENSO#2/Filme/E=mc2/Einsteins Big idea 2of2.mp4

INTENSO#2/Filme/Le_Joueur_de_Violon (1.mp4 - 10.mp4)

INTENSO#2/Filme/PARIS BLUES (1961) (1.mp4 - 7.mp4)

INTENSO#2/Filme/Stranger than Paradise.mp4

INTENSO#2/Filme/The Flight of the Phoenix.mp4

INTENSO#2/Filme/The Right Stuff (Beginning.mp4 - End.mp4)


INTENSO#2/Gerald Edelman

INTENSO#2/Gerald Edelman/reentrant_signaling.mp4

INTENSO#2/Gerald Edelman/brain_dynamics_IBM.flv

INTENSO#2/Gerald Edelman/neuron_group_formation.mov

INTENSO#2/Gerald Edelman/History of Neurosciences Institute.mp4

INTENSO#2/Gerald Edelman/brain_dynamics_UCLA.mp4

INTENSO#2/Gerald Edelman/WebofStories

INTENSO#2/Gerald Edelman/WebofStories/4.39_neuro_darw-3.mp3

INTENSO#2/Gerald Edelman/WebofStories/4.42_anosagnosia.mp3

INTENSO#2/Gerald Edelman/WebofStories/4.38_neuro_darw-2.mp3

INTENSO#2/Gerald Edelman/WebofStories/4.37_neuro_darw-1.mp3

INTENSO#2/Gerald Edelman/WebofStories/4.41_brain_adjusts_neurodarwinism.mp3

INTENSO#2/Gerald Edelman/WebofStories/4.40_reentry+synchrony.mp3


INTENSO#2/Harry_Belafonte/Belafonte_im_ndr (1.mov - 3.mov)




INTENSO#2/IT/31C3/State of the Onion-Tor Talk.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/31C3/From Computation to Consciousness.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/31C3/Jacob Appelbaum- Reconstructing narratives - transparency in the service of justice.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/31C3/Thunderstrike- EFI bootkits for Apple MacBooks.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/31C3/JahresrŸckblick des CCC 2014.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/31C3/SerenitŠt  -  Anleitung zum GlŸcklichsein.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/31C3/Krypto fŸr die Zukunft von Ruediger Weis.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/31C3/Global Civil Society Under Attack.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/31C3/Trackography - You never read alone.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/31C3/Freedom in your computer and in the net - Richard Stallman.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/31C3/SCADA StrangeLove- Too Smart Grid in da Cloud.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/31C3/Traue keinem Scan, den du nicht selbst gefŠlscht hast von David Kriesel.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/31C3/Karsten Nohl- Mobile self-defense (SnoopSnitch).mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/31C3/Tor- Hidden Services and Deanonymisation.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/31C3/The Cloud Conspiracy 2008-2014.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/31C3/Locate. Track. Manipulate by Tobias Engel (SnoopSnitch).mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/31C3/From Maxwell to antenna arrays.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/31C3/Doing right by sources done right by Sarah Harrison.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/31C3/The Invisible Committee Returns with "Fuck Off Google".mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/31C3/Starbug- Ich sehe, also bin ich ... Du.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/31C3/Nachrichtendienstliche Zugriffe auf Telekommunikation und IKT-Strukuren und ihre Implikationen.mp4Hope X     


INTENSO#2/IT/Dokus/Cyberkrieg - Angriff aus dem Netz (Bestor Cram, Mike Majoros, Weapons of Mass Disruptions, 2011).mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/Dokus/Schlachtfeld Internet (Svea Eckert, Alexandra Ringling).mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/Dokus/NSA-Programm Quantumtheory- Wie der US-Geheimdienst weltweit Rechner knackt.mp4


INTENSO#2/IT/Dokus/Satellite-Internet- Chokepoint.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/Dokus/Krieg der Daten-Ueberwachung total.m4v

INTENSO#2/IT/Dokus/Verschwoerung gegen die Freiheit (ZDF) (1.mp4 - 2.mp4)

INTENSO#2/IT/Fachgespraech im Ausschuss fuer Digitale Agenda Ueber Netzneutralitaet und Spezialdienste.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/FifF-Kon 2014

INTENSO#2/IT/FifF-Kon 2014/FRieger-Was tun?.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/FifF-Kon 2014/Matthias Baecker - Strategische TelekommunikationsŸberwachung auf dem Pruefstand.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/FifF-Kon 2014/Constanze Kurz - Snooping and Bugging.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/FifF-Kon 2014/Das trojanische Pferd 'Terrorismus'.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/FifF-Kon 2014/PSchaar-Datenschutzkontrolle bei Sicherheitsbehoerden.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/FifF-Kon 2014/Strategische TelekommunikationsŸberwachung auf dem PrŸfstand.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/FifF-Kon 2014/NSA, IT-Sicherheit und die Folgen.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/FifF-Kon 2014/Wolfgang Coy - Warnen, taeuschen, tarnen.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/FifF-Kon 2014/Andy Mueller Maguhn - Nachrichtendienstliche Zugriffe auf Telekommunikation und IKT-Strukuren und ihre Implikationen.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/Tim Jordan @Sophie&Co_RT.mp4


INTENSO#2/IT/Whistleblower/ARD "Jagd auf Snowden - Wie der Staatsfeind die USA blamierte" - 12.1.2015.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/Whistleblower/HOPE X- Snowden - Ellsberg -- http---x.hope.net.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/Whistleblower/E.Snowden blames US for stranding him.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/Whistleblower/E.Snowden "I Was Trained As A Spy".mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/Whistleblower/ChrisSogoyan's&Snowden's first live- 'Constitution being violated on massive scale' (FULL VIDEO).mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/Whistleblower/J.Appelbaum in Ecuador On Espionage, Spying, Assange & Snowden.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/Whistleblower/J.Appelbaum@Digitale Gesellschaft Jun 25, 2013.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/Whistleblower/Julian Assange's World of Tomorrow

INTENSO#2/IT/Whistleblower/Julian Assange's World of Tomorrow/#5-Surviving Guantanamo.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/Whistleblower/Julian Assange's World of Tomorrow/#4- Nabeel Rajab & Alaa A. El-Fattah.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/Whistleblower/Julian Assange's World of Tomorrow/#12- Anwar Ibrahim.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/Whistleblower/Julian Assange's World of Tomorrow/#11- Corruption & Islamophobia.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/Whistleblower/Julian Assange's World of Tomorrow/#8- Cypherpunks#1.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/Whistleblower/Julian Assange's World of Tomorrow/#10- Noam Chomsky & Tariq Ali.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/Whistleblower/Julian Assange's World of Tomorrow/Cypherpunks#2.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/Whistleblower/Julian Assange's World of Tomorrow/#3- Moncef Marzouki.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/Whistleblower/Julian Assange's World of Tomorrow/#9- Imran Khan.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/Whistleblower/Julian Assange's World of Tomorrow/#6- Assange & Ecuador's Pres. Correa.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/Whistleblower/L.Poitras & J. Appelbaum 7-16 Nov.2014 - Leffest'14.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/Whistleblower/The Moment of Truth- Glenn Grenwald, Kim Dotcom, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange.mov

INTENSO#2/IT/Whistleblower/WikiLeaks Editor Sarah Harrison on Helping Edward Snowden, Being Forced to Live in Exile.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/Whistleblower/NSA Whistleblower - Jesselyn Radack & Thomas Drake | London Real.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/Whistleblower/Lawrence Lessig Interviews Edward Snowden.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/Whistleblower/The Logan Symposium 2014, Julian Assange's speech.mp4

INTENSO#2/IT/Whistleblower/Kiriakou Portrait Unveiling @ Busboys & Poets.mp4


INTENSO#2/Kunst/After, Première Êtape de travail. ChorÊgraphie, Johanna Levy.mp4

INTENSO#2/Kunst/Angela Richter

INTENSO#2/Kunst/Angela Richter/monopol_richter_1013_essay.pdf

INTENSO#2/Kunst/Angela Richter/d.day | A conversation with Jacob Appelbaum and Angela Richter.mp4

INTENSO#2/Kunst/Angela Richter/Netzkultur- Einspruch_Freundschaft_zwischen_Avantgarde_und_Nerdtum_Netzkultur.pdf

INTENSO#2/Kunst/Angela Richter/Netzkultur- Einspruch! Freundschaft zwischen Avantgarde und Nerdtum.mp4

INTENSO#2/Kunst/Angela Richter/Im Gespraech mit Julian Assange und Angela Richter | WDR.mp4

INTENSO#2/Kunst/Angela Richter/Assassinate_Assange.mp4

INTENSO#2/Kunst/Angela Richter/AA-Vienna-Berlin-Trailer.mp4

INTENSO#2/Kunst/Angela Richter/SuperNerds

INTENSO#2/Kunst/Angela Richter/SuperNerds/2von3.mov

INTENSO#2/Kunst/Angela Richter/SuperNerds/audioOnly.mov

INTENSO#2/Kunst/Angela Richter/SuperNerds/3von3.mov

INTENSO#2/Kunst/Angela Richter/SuperNerds/Supernerds Ein Ueberwachungsabend 28.05.2015.mp4

INTENSO#2/Kunst/Angela Richter/SuperNerds/1von3.mov

INTENSO#2/Kunst/Arvo Paert

INTENSO#2/Kunst/Arvo Paert/Symphony No. 4 'Los Angeles' (UK Première) Proms 2010.mp3

INTENSO#2/Kunst/Arvo Paert/Silencio.mp3

INTENSO#2/Kunst/Arvo Paert/Adam's Lament.mp3

INTENSO#2/Kunst/Jutta Hipp (.mp3)

INTENSO#2/Kunst/Jutta Hipp/NDR_Info__20_28_Uhr_NDR_Info_01.mp3

INTENSO#2/Kunst/Jutta Hipp/Jutta_Hipp.mp3


INTENSO#2/Kunst/Oper/Cavalleria Rusticana + Pagliacci (Kaufmann-Salzburg 2015).mp4

INTENSO#2/Kunst/Schach von Wuthenow (1.mov)

INTENSO#2/Kunst/Star Trek The Next Generation S06E09.mp4




INTENSO#2/Russland/Gorbachev/America wanted to rule the world but lost its way RT  - SophieCo-10August2015.mp4

INTENSO#2/Russland/Gorbachev/West and Russia must defrost relations before it is too late. Talks are vital, but ne.mp4



INTENSO#2/Russland/Helmut Schmidt zur Weltlage - "Wir Schlafwandler".mp4


INTENSO#2/Russland/Putin/Russlands Praesident Putin exklusiv im ARD Interview | Guenther Jauch | NDR.mp4

INTENSO#2/Russland/Putin/Zum ARD-Interview und die Valdai-Rede (19.11.14).mp4

INTENSO#2/Russland/Putin/Valdai Rede 2014 (deutsch vertont + deutsche Untertitel).mp4

INTENSO#2/Russland/Ray McGovern

INTENSO#2/Russland/Ray McGovern/Ex CIA Offizier- Das sind die wahren Schuldigen am Ukraine Krieg (21.9.14).mp4

INTENSO#2/Russland/Ray McGovern/On The Ukraine Crisis And The CIA.mp4

INTENSO#2/Russland/Ray McGovern/Retired CIA analyst Ray McGovern- The truth about Ukraine and being arrested for asking questions.mp4

INTENSO#2/Russland/Ray McGovern/Who Is Provoking the Unrest in Ukraine? A Debate on Role of Russia, United States in Regional Crisis.mp4 (Part 1, Part 2)

INTENSO#2/Russland/Ray McGovern/The Real Agenda of the American Empire Part 1.mp3

INTENSO#2/Russland/Ray McGovern/The Real Agenda of the American Empire Part 2.mp3

INTENSO#2/Shock and Awe - Story of Electricity

INTENSO#2/Shock and Awe - Story of Electricity/02 - Age of Invention (Part 2 of 3).mp4

INTENSO#2/Shock and Awe - Story of Electricity/03-Revelations and Revolutions.mp4

INTENSO#2/Shock and Awe - Story of Electricity/01 - Spark.mp4

INTENSO#2/Thor Heyerdahl

INTENSO#2/Thor Heyerdahl/The Tangaroa Expedition (The Kon-Tiki Expedition) 2012 Documentary.mp4

INTENSO#2/Thor Heyerdahl/Thor Heyerdahl Kon-Tiki 1947 English.mp4


INTENSO#2/Ranga Yogeshwar in Fukushima (ARD, 03.11.2014, 22-45).mp4

INTENSO#2/Gernot_Zippe (2003).flv (Erfinder der Ultrazentrifuge)

INTENSO#2/nuclear/Britains Nuclear Secrets - Inside Sellafield.mp4

INTENSO#2/nuclear/tschernobyl - die jahrhundertbaustelle (Daniel Baar & Matthias Hambach).mp4

INTENSO#2/WBGU-2011 (VortrŠge)












(151 MB available)



INTENSO#3/Arts/Niki de Saint Phalle- Wer ist das Monster - Du oder ich? (Doku).mp4


INTENSO#3/Arts/LIDO - Picasso - Sein Erbe Doku (2014).mp4

INTENSO#3/Complex_Adaptive Systems

INTENSO#3/Complex_Adaptive Systems/Bettencourt

INTENSO#3/Complex_Adaptive Systems/Bettencourt/Cities as complex adaptative systems. Luis Bettencourt.mp4

INTENSO#3/Complex_Adaptive Systems/Bettencourt/Does the Individual Matter in Complex Systems by Luis MA Bettencourt (Part 9 of 13).mp4

INTENSO#3/Complex_Adaptive Systems/Ecosystems and Socioeconomic Systems as Complex Adaptive Systems.mp4

INTENSO#3/Complex_Adaptive Systems/Global Brain Institute

INTENSO#3/Complex_Adaptive Systems/Global Brain Institute/Viktoras Veitas- ChallProp- an agent-based modelling framework for simulating the Global Brain.mp4

INTENSO#3/Egon Bahr (Diplomat) - Wandel durch Annaeherung.mov (auch auf INTENSO#8)


INTENSO#3/Freeman Dyson-A glorious accident.mp4


INTENSO#3/IT/Media Convention 2015

INTENSO#3/IT/Media Convention 2015/Die Vermessung der Medienwelt.mp4

INTENSO#3/IT/Media Convention 2015/Geteiltes Leid ist halbes Leid?.mp4

INTENSO#3/IT/Media Convention 2015/Hoax-Kampagnen- Opium fŸrs EmpĂśrungsvolk.mp4


INTENSO#3/IT/Philip_Banse/re-publica 2015- Podcasts.mp4

INTENSO#3/IT/Philip_Banse/re-publica 2011 - Philip Banse - Blogger_innen im GesprŠch.mp4

INTENSO#3/IT/Philip_Banse/#rp14 Philip Banse- Annalee Newitz.mp4

INTENSO#3/Julius & Ethel Rosenberg

INTENSO#3/Julius & Ethel Rosenberg/Philip Morrison on Rosenbergs.mp4

INTENSO#3/Julius & Ethel Rosenberg/Daniel_1of2-DVD.img

INTENSO#3/Julius & Ethel Rosenberg/Daniel_2of2-DVD.img

INTENSO#3/Julius & Ethel Rosenberg/Screen shot 2015-05-24 at 15.42.17.png

INTENSO#3/Julius & Ethel Rosenberg/Screen shot 2015-05-24 at 14.05.02.png

INTENSO#3/Julius & Ethel Rosenberg/Rosenbergs Unquiet Death

INTENSO#3/Julius & Ethel Rosenberg/Rosenbergs Unquiet Death/Unquiet_Death#2.mp4

INTENSO#3/Julius & Ethel Rosenberg/Rosenbergs Unquiet Death/Unquiet_Death#1.mp4

INTENSO#3/Julius & Ethel Rosenberg/Son of J&E Rosenberg

INTENSO#3/Julius & Ethel Rosenberg/Son of J&E Rosenberg/Why We Must Fight to Protect WikiLeaks and Julian Assange 1 of 2.mp4

INTENSO#3/Julius & Ethel Rosenberg/Son of J&E Rosenberg/Why We Must Fight to Protect WikiLeaks and Julian Assange 2 of 2.mp4


INTENSO#3/ntucomplexity/Complex Systems Theory by Sander van der Leeuw (Part 3 of 13).mp4

INTENSO#3/ntucomplexity/Complexity in the Brain Stan Gielen (Part 6 of 13).mp4

INTENSO#3/ntucomplexity/Practical Application of Complexity Theory by Petter Braathen (Part 9 of 15).mp4

INTENSO#3/ntucomplexity/The Economy by W. Brian Arthur (Part 11 of 13).mp4

INTENSO#3/ntucomplexity/Complexity and Transdisciplinarity by Geoffrey West (Part 2 of 13).mp4

INTENSO#3/ntucomplexity/Network Science by Albert Laszlo Barabasi (Part 4 of 13).mp4

INTENSO#3/Oliver Stone

INTENSO#3/Oliver Stone/Vladimir Posner-Oliver Stone Interview.mp3

INTENSO#3/Oliver Stone/Secret History of the JFK Assassination- Conspiracy Theories - Oliver Stone (2013).mp4

INTENSO#3/Oliver Stone/Oliver_Stones_US-Geschichte

INTENSO#3/Oliver Stone/Oliver_Stones_US-Geschichte/index.html

INTENSO#3/Oliver Stone/Oliver_Stones_US-Geschichte/deutsche Version

INTENSO#3/Oliver Stone/Oliver_Stones_US-Geschichte/Oliver Stone's The Untold History of the US

INTENSO#3/Oliver Stone/Oliver_Stones_US-Geschichte/Oliver Stone's Untold History of the US/Teil 4 - The Cold War - 1945-1950.mp4

INTENSO#3/Oliver Stone/Oliver_Stones_US-Geschichte/Oliver Stone's Untold History of the US/Teil 10 - Bush & Obama- Age of Terror.mp4

INTENSO#3/Oliver Stone/Oliver_Stones_US-Geschichte/Oliver Stone's Untold History of the US/Teil 8 - Reagan, Gorbachev.mp4

INTENSO#3/Oliver Stone/Oliver_Stones_US-Geschichte/Oliver Stone's Untold History of the US/Teil 3 - Truman and the Bomb.mp4

INTENSO#3/Oliver Stone/Oliver_Stones_US-Geschichte/Oliver Stone's Untold History of the US/JFK and the Untold History of Oliver Stone.mp4

INTENSO#3/Oliver Stone/Oliver_Stones_US-Geschichte/Oliver Stone's Untold History of the US/Teil 7 - Johnson, Nixon - Reversal of Fortune.mp4

INTENSO#3/Oliver Stone/Oliver_Stones_US-Geschichte/Oliver Stone's Untold History of the US/Teil 7 - Johnson, Nixon, Vietnam.mp4

INTENSO#3/Oliver Stone/Oliver_Stones_US-Geschichte/Oliver Stone's Untold History of the US/Q&A@DOC NYC 2013.mp4

INTENSO#3/Oliver Stone/Oliver_Stones_US-Geschichte/Oliver Stone's Untold History of the US/Teil 2 - Roosevelt, Truman, Wallace.mp4

INTENSO#3/Oliver Stone/Oliver_Stones_US-Geschichte/Oliver Stone's Untold History of the US/Teil 5 - Eisenhower - The Fifities.mp4

INTENSO#3/Oliver Stone/Oliver_Stones_US-Geschichte/Oliver Stone's Untold History of the US/Teil 9 - Bush and Clinton.mp4

INTENSO#3/Oliver Stone/Secret History of the JFK Assassination- Conspiracy Theories - Oliver Stone (2013).mp4

INTENSO#3/Oliver Stone/Vladimir Posner-Oliver Stone Interview.mp3

INTENSO#3/Physics - Climate

INTENSO#3/Physics - Climate/Pre-Briefing 20. VN-Klimakonferenz - Ottmar Edenhofer, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.mp4

INTENSO#3/Physics - Climate/Perspektiven fŸr die Klimaforschung 2015 bis 2025.mp4

INTENSO#3/Robert Harris - Intrige (1-01.mp3 - 6-08.mp3)

INTENSO#3/Schach von Wuthenow (01.mp3 - 12.mp3)

INTENSO#3/Star Trek

INTENSO#3/Star Trek/S06E19 Lessons.mp4

INTENSO#3/Star Trek/S01E26 The Neutral Zone.mp4

INTENSO#3/Star Trek/s07e13 Homeward.mp4

INTENSO#3/Star Trek/S06E04 Relics.mp4

INTENSO#3/Star Trek/s04e25 SD44885.5 The Mind's Eye.mp4

INTENSO#3/Star Trek/S06E09 The Quality of Life.mp4

INTENSO#3/Star Trek/S06E13 Aquiel.mp4 (engl.)

INTENSO#3/Star Trek/S06E18 Starship Mine.mp4

INTENSO#3/Star Trek/S06E14 Face of the Enemy.mp4

INTENSO#3/Star Trek/S06E23 Rightful Heir.mp4

INTENSO#3/Star Trek/S07E09 Force of Nature.mp4

INTENSO#3/Star Trek/s07e18 Eye Of The Beholder.mp4

INTENSO#3/Star Trek/S06E20 The Chase.mp4

INTENSO#3/Star Trek/S06E21 Frame of Mind.mp4

INTENSO#3/Star Trek/S06E26 Descent.mp4

INTENSO#3/Star Trek/s07e25 All Good Things.mp4

INTENSO#3/Star Trek/s04e12 The Wounded.mp4

INTENSO#3/Star Trek/s07e17 Masks.mp4

INTENSO#3/Star Trek/S06E17 Birthright, Part II.mp4


INTENSO#3/Surveillance/netzpolitik.org- Demonstration fŸr Pressefreiheit Berlin am 1.8.2015.mp4

INTENSO#3/Surveillance/Alexander Sander- Neues zur Vorratsdatenspeicherung (NPA 039.1).mp4

INTENSO#3/Surveillance/Die NSA und ich- Warum die Total-Überwachung uns alle betrifft.mp4

INTENSO#3/Surveillance/CPDP2014- Democracy, Surveillance And Intelligence Agencies..mp4

INTENSO#3/Surveillance/Recht auf informationelle Selbstbestimmung? Datenschutz im Zeitalter von NSA und anderen Diensten.mp4

INTENSO#3/Surveillance/RT-Americas Surveillance State

INTENSO#3/Surveillance/RT-Americas Surveillance State/6 (The Future).mp4

INTENSO#3/Surveillance/RT-Americas Surveillance State/5 (Insider Threats).mp4

INTENSO#3/Surveillance/RT-Americas Surveillance State/3 (Rise of The Press).mp4

INTENSO#3/Surveillance/RT-Americas Surveillance State/4 (The Surveillance Industrial Complex).mp4

INTENSO#3/Surveillance/RT-Americas Surveillance State/1 (The Surveillance Machine).mp4

INTENSO#3/Surveillance/RT-Americas Surveillance State/2 (Inside The NSA- How Do They Spy?).mp4

INTENSO#3/Surveillance/Totale Kontrolle (ARTE Doku).mp4


INTENSO#3/Whistleblower#2/Ideas at the House - TheWarOnWhistleblowers&theirPublishers-2013.flv

INTENSO#3/Whistleblower#2/SILENCED - Whistleblower Documentary w. Thomas Andrew Drake, Jesselyn Raddack + James Spione.mp4

INTENSO#3/Whistleblower#2/Schweig, Verraeter! John-Kiriakou-Doku Arte (deutsch) 2014 NSA Geheimdienste Whistleblower.mp4

INTENSO#3/Whistleblower#2/The Logan Symposium 2014, Julian Assange's speech..mp4


INTENSO#3/Whistleblower#2/trnn_John_Kiriakou_2015/0610-A-Sea-of-Blood.mp4 (6 of 10, 911#2 (negligence or purpose?)

INTENSO#3/Whistleblower#2/trnn_John_Kiriakou_2015/0710-Iraq-War-a-War-Crime---Pushed-by-Cheney-Over-Objections-of-Joint-Chiefs.mp4 (7 of 10)

INTENSO#3/Whistleblower#2/trnn_John_Kiriakou_2015/0210-How-I-Joined-the-CIA.mp4 (2 of 10)

INTENSO#3/Whistleblower#2/trnn_John_Kiriakou_2015/0910-Why-I-Was-Targeted-by-the-CIA.mp4 (9 of 10)

INTENSO#3/Whistleblower#2/trnn_John_Kiriakou_2015/1010-They-Wont-Shut-Me-Up.mp4 (10 of 10)

INTENSO#3/Whistleblower#2/trnn_John_Kiriakou_2015/0810-A-Tortured-Truth.mp4 (8 of 10)

INTENSO#3/Whistleblower#2/trnn_John_Kiriakou_2015/0110-I-Believed-America-Could-Do-No-Wrong.mp4 (1 of 10)

INTENSO#3/Whistleblower#2/trnn_John_Kiriakou_2015/0310-My-Reports-on-1995-Human-Rights-Abuses-Were-Ignored-by-State-Department.mp4 (3 of 10)

INTENSO#3/Whistleblower#2/trnn_John_Kiriakou_2015/0510-Why-Didnt-BushCheney-Prevent-9/11.mp4 (5 of 10) 911#1

INTENSO#3/Whistleblower#2/trnn_John_Kiriakou_2015/0410-The-Iraqi-Pissing-Match.mp4 (4 of 10) 

INTENSO#3/Whistleblower#2/trnn_Thomas-Drake-on-RAI From-911-to-Mass-Surveillance The-Man-Who-Knew-Too-Much-2015 (trnn#1 - 5).mp4 (details)

INTENSO#3/Whistleblower#2/William Binney

INTENSO#3/Whistleblower#2/William Binney/A Good American (2016) - Premiere Interview with William Binney (KIZ Graz, AT).mp4 (schlechte Aufnahme)

INTENSO#3/Whistleblower#2/William Binney/Ending Mass Surveillance In Our Lifetime - William Binney.mp4


(13 MB available)


INTENSO#4/32C3/Crypto ist Abwehr, IFG ist Angriff!.mp4

INTENSO#4/32C3/Sin in the time of Technology.mp4

INTENSO#4/32C3/Microsofts Windows 10 Botnet.mp4

INTENSO#4/32C3/Predicting Crime in a Big Data World.mp4

INTENSO#4/32C3/nochC3TV - Wie man einen Blackout verursacht.mp4

INTENSO#4/32C3/Top X_ usability obstacles.mp4

INTENSO#4/32C3/Security Nightmares 0x10.mp4

INTENSO#4/32C3/Katastrophe und Kommunikation.mp4

INTENSO#4/32C3/The Magic World of Searchable Symmetric Encryption.mp4

INTENSO#4/32C3/Breaking Honeypots for Fun and Profit.mp4

INTENSO#4/32C3/Closing Event.mp4

INTENSO#4/32C3/nochC3TV - When  algorithms fail in our personal lives.mp4

INTENSO#4/32C3/How Open Source Software, second hand laptops and hackers helped stop Ebola (and stopped an a.mp4

INTENSO#4/32C3/Thomas Lohninger, Werner Reiter_ Österreich_ Der Kampf gegen unkontrollierte MassenŸberwachung.mp4

INTENSO#4/32C3/DDoS mitigation EPIC FAIL collection.mp4

INTENSO#4/32C3/Replication Prohibited.mp4

INTENSO#4/32C3/Wireless Drivers_ Freedom considered harmful_.mp4

INTENSO#4/32C3/Compileroptimierungen fŸr Forth im Microcontroller.mp4

INTENSO#4/32C3/How Open Source Software, second hand laptops and hackers helped stop Ebola (and stopped an a(1).mp4

INTENSO#4/32C3/Check your privileges!.mp4

INTENSO#4/32C3/Crypto Wars Part II.mp4

INTENSO#4/32C3/Collect It All_ Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) for Everyone.mp4

INTENSO#4/32C3/How to contribute to make open hardware happen.mp4

INTENSO#4/32C3/Lightning Talks Day 4.mp4

INTENSO#4/32C3/Building and Breaking Wireless Security.mp4

INTENSO#4/32C3/How to contribute to make open hardware happen(1).mp4

INTENSO#4/Gregory Jaczko

INTENSO#4/Gregory Jaczko/Naoto Kan - Fukushima Lessons for CA - Excerpt 1.mp4

INTENSO#4/Gregory Jaczko/Fukushima- Ongoing Lessons for New York - Dr. Gregory Jaczko.mp4

INTENSO#4/Gregory Jaczko/The Ongoing Fukushima Daiichi Crisis - Pt. 2 - Torgen Johnson.mp4

INTENSO#4/Gregory Jaczko/NPC Luncheon with Gregory Jaczko.mp4

INTENSO#4/Gregory Jaczko/Gregory Jaczko - Fukushima Lessons for CA - Excerpt 2.mp4

INTENSO#4/Gregory Jaczko/Gregory Jaczko - Risk, Reality and the Future of Nuclear Power.mp4

INTENSO#4/Gregory Jaczko/Nuclear Regulation in Our Era.mp4

INTENSO#4/Gregory Jaczko/The Past, Present and Future of Nuclear Power- A Regulator's Perspective.mp4

INTENSO#4/Gregory Jaczko/The Ongoing Fukushima Daiichi Crisis - Pt. 1 - Gregory Jaczko.mp4

INTENSO#4/Gregory Jaczko/Jaczko, Johnson and Tsutsui- -The Ongoing Fukushima Daiichi Crisis.mp4

INTENSO#4/Gregory Jaczko/Nuclear Waste and the Race for Resources - 11.06.2011.mp4

INTENSO#4/Gregory Jaczko/What CA Can Learn from Fukushima - Pt. 2 - Gregory Jaczko.mp4

INTENSO#4/Gregory Jaczko/Fukushima -No More Nuclear- says Former NRC Chairman Jaczko Update 9-25-13.mp4

INTENSO#4/Gregory Jaczko/Former NRC Chairman Gregory Jaczko- Fukushima's Lessons.mp4

INTENSO#4/Gregory Jaczko/Fukushima- Lessons For The World Pt. 2 of 5.mp4

INTENSO#4/Gregory Jaczko/The FY2012 Department of Energy and Nuclear Regulatory Commission Budgets (Part 2 of 2).mp4

INTENSO#4/Tschernobyl - Die Jahrhundertbaustelle (Daniel Baar & Matthias Hambach).mp4

INTENSO#4/Britains Nuclear Secrets - Inside Sellafield.mp4 with Jim Al-Khalili (available also here)

INTENSO#4/Snowden on FBI's plea to unlock terrorist's iPhone- ‘It's Horsesh*t'.mp3

INTENSO#4/William Binney

INTENSO#4/William Binney/William Binney, NSA Whistleblower•ExposeFacts.org•News Conference•Washington•June 4th 2014.mp4 (also on INTENSO#1)

INTENSO#4/William Binney/NSA whistleblower William Binney, A Good American, on 9-11, WTC 7, molten metal and NIST.mp4

INTENSO#4/William Binney/NSA Whistleblower William Binney the 3 words that will put you on the NSA List.mp4

INTENSO#4/William Binney/CPH-DOX 2015 Q&A A Good American.mp4

INTENSO#4/William Binney/Laura_Poitras_NSA Whistle-Blower Tells All: The Program | Op-Docs | The New York Times.mp4 (film director: Laura Poitras) - transcript of parts

INTENSO#4/William Binney/NSA whistleblower William Binney Keynote at HOPE Number Nine.mp4

INTENSO#4/William Binney/NSA Whistleblower William Binney- The Future of FREEDOM.mp4  (notes) This video is also on LX8 and INTENSO#7

INTENSO#4/William Binney/A Good American (2016) - Premiere Interview with William Binney (KIZ Graz, AT).mp4 (also on INTENSO#3)

INTENSO#4/William Binney/!_Alex_Jones_Top Whistle Blower William Binney- Fake Cell Towers Will Be Used To Track American Citizens..mp4

INTENSO#4/William Binney/Special Keynote William Binney 2014.mp4

INTENSO#4/William Binney/Top Whistle Blower William Binney- Fake Cell Towers Will Be Used To Track American Citizens..mp4

INTENSO#4/William Binney/Edward Snowden, v 1.0: NSA Whistleblower William Binney Tells All.mp4 (Reason.TV - April 17, 2014) (transcript)

INTENSO#4/William Binney/William Binney - The Government is Profiling You (The NSA is Spying on You).mp4


(210 MB available)


INTENSO#5/32c3/Gibberish Detection 102.mp4

INTENSO#5/32c3/The Price Of Dissent.mp4


INTENSO#5/32c3/Media Coverage and the Public in the Surveillance Society.mp4

INTENSO#5/32c3/Hacker Jeopardy.mp4

INTENSO#5/32c3/libusb_ Maintainer fail.mp4

INTENSO#5/32c3/De-anonymizing Programmers.mp4

INTENSO#5/32c3/Lightning Talks Day 3.mp4

INTENSO#5/32c3/Internet Cube.mp4

INTENSO#5/32c3/Free Software and Hardware bring National Sovereignty.mp4


INTENSO#5/32c3/Vehicle2Vehicle Communication based on IEEE 802.11p.mp4

INTENSO#5/32c3/Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor MITM ... The State of Email Security in 2015.mp4

INTENSO#5/32c3/State of the Onion.mp4

INTENSO#5/32c3/On Computing Numbers, with an Application to Problems of our Society.mp4

INTENSO#5/32c3/Grundrechte gelten nicht im Weltall!.mp4

INTENSO#5/32c3/The plain simple reality of entropy.mp4

INTENSO#5/32c3/Say hi to your new boss_ How algorithms might soon control our lives..mp4

INTENSO#5/32c3/the possibility of an army.mp4

INTENSO#5/32c3/Trust us and our business will expand!.mp4

INTENSO#5/32c3/Reversing UEFI by execution.mp4

INTENSO#5/32c3/Safe Harbor.mp4

INTENSO#5/32c3/Maritime Robotics.mp4

INTENSO#5/32c3/Graphs, Drones & Phones.mp4

INTENSO#5/32c3/Prediction and Control.mp4


INTENSO#5/Assange/WikiLeaks- Julian Assange and Daniel Ellsberg in conversation.mp4

INTENSO#5/Assange/Assange on the Untold Story of the Grounding of Evo Morales' Plane During Edward Snowden Manhunt.mp4


(519 MB available)

INTENSO#6/Conversations with History

INTENSO#6/Conversations with History/Conversations with History  Linus Pauling.mp4


INTENSO#6/Edward_Snowden/Edward Snowden Interview on Apple vs. FBI, Privacy, the NSA, and More.3gp

INTENSO#6/Edward_Snowden/Edward Snowden, NSA and GCHQ - Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger questioned - Truthloader.mp4

INTENSO#6/Edward_Snowden/The Virtual Interview- Edward Snowden - The New Yorker Festival.mp4

INTENSO#6/Edward_Snowden/America's Surveillance State (Full, Pt. 1-6).mp4


INTENSO#6/Films/Ein Pyjama fŸr Zwei (1961).mp4

INTENSO#6/Films/Die Wannseekonferenz (1984).mp4

INTENSO#6/Films/Flug in Gefahr, Die Mutter aller Flugzeugkatastrophenfilme, mit Hanns Lothar, kompletter Film.mp4

INTENSO#6/Films/Wir Kellerkinder (1960).mp4

INTENSO#6/Films/Curt Goetz - Frauenarzt Dr. PrŠtorius (1950).mp4

INTENSO#6/Films/Das Wirtshaus im Spessart ( Deutsch ).mp4

INTENSO#6/Films/Der Raub der Sabinerinnen.mp4


INTENSO#6/Iraq/The Spies Who Fooled The World Iraq War Documentary BBC.mp4 (Curveball)

INTENSO#6/Iraq/Leading To War - The Complete Film.mp4



INTENSO#6/JeffreySachs/on bioeconomy and sustainable development goals (GBS 2015).mp4

INTENSO#6/JeffreySachs/JColumbia University professor) Supports Occupy Wall Street.mp4

INTENSO#6/JeffreySachs/China, the Game Changer.mp4

INTENSO#6/JeffreySachs/Noam Chomsky and Jeffrey Sachs -US Foreign Policy -- Hegemony or Survival--.mp4

INTENSO#6/JeffreySachs/Seymour Hersh, Jeremy Scahill, Chris Hedges and Laila Al-Arian in Conversation.mp4

INTENSO#6/JeffreySachs/The Future of Globalization-.mp4

INTENSO#6/JeffreySachs/The Global Politics of Sustainable Development-.mp4

INTENSO#6/JeffreySachs/Repairing Economic Governance - Professor Jeffrey Sachs.mp4

INTENSO#6/JeffreySachs/2016 - Centesimus Annus 25 Years Later.mp4

INTENSO#6/JeffreySachs/MOOC - Jeffrey Sachs - The Age of Sustainable Development - Lecture 1, Chapter 1.mp4

INTENSO#6/JeffreySachs/Migration and Global Inequalities.mp4

INTENSO#6/JeffreySachs/A Conversation with Seymour Hersh.mp4

INTENSO#6/JeffreySachs/Why Did the Iraq War Start- The Untold Story - Seymour Hersh - Reasons, Justification (2005).mp4

INTENSO#6/JeffreySachs/on John F. Kennedy and his Quest For Peace.mp4

INTENSO#6/JeffreySachs/The End of Poverty Economic Possibilities - C-SPAN Video Library.mp4

INTENSO#6/JeffreySachs/on the MDGs and SDGs.mp4

INTENSO#6/JeffreySachs/& Kevin Watkins on Financing for sustainable development.mp4

INTENSO#6/JeffreySachs/Janus Conversation with Daron Acemoglu and Jeffrey Sachs button.mp4

INTENSO#6/JeffreySachs/discussing global economy on BBC Newsnight 1-19-16.mp4

INTENSO#6/JeffreySachs/Ending Poverty in Our Generation.mp4

INTENSO#6/JeffreySachs/Esther Duflo and Jeffrey Sachs on poverty in developing nations - Currents - The New Yorker.mp4

INTENSO#6/JeffreySachs/ISAP2015 Keynote Speech from Jeffrey D. Sachs.mp4

INTENSO#6/JeffreySachs/Sustainable action is the only option.mp4

INTENSO#6/JeffreySachs/MOOC - Jeffrey Sachs - The Age of Sustainable Development - Lecture 1, Chapter 2.mp4


INTENSO#6/JeffreySachs/The Price of Civilization- - Talks at Google.mp4

INTENSO#6/JeffreySachs/Keynote Address by Jeffrey Sachs.mp4


INTENSO#6/NSA/The Pentagon Papers Case- Supreme Court Decision, Vietnam War - Daniel Ellsberg (2006).mp4

INTENSO#6/NSA/NSA - BND - VS - Geheimdienste außer Kontrolle-.mp4

INTENSO#6/Oliver_Sacks (79 - 112.mp4) 

INTENSO#6/Oliver_Sacks/A family interest in chemistry and mineralogy.mp4

INTENSO#6/Oliver_Sacks/Abba Eban, my extraordinary cousin.mp4


INTENSO#6/Yehudi Menuhin

INTENSO#6/Yehudi Menuhin/Music of Man (1979)

INTENSO#6/Yehudi Menuhin/Music of Man (1979)/1 The Quiver of Life.mov

INTENSO#6/Yehudi Menuhin/Music of Man (1979)/3 New Voices.mp4

INTENSO#6/Yehudi Menuhin/Music of Man (1979)/4 The Age of the Composer.mp4

INTENSO#6/Yehudi Menuhin/Music of Man (1979)/8 Sound or Unsound.mp4

INTENSO#6/Yehudi Menuhin/Music of Man (1979)/2 The Flowering of Harmony.mp4

INTENSO#6/Yehudi Menuhin/Music of Man (1979)/6 The Parting of the Ways.mp4

INTENSO#6/Yehudi Menuhin/Music of Man (1979)/7 The Known and the Unknown.mp4

INTENSO#6/Yehudi Menuhin/Music of Man (1979)/5 The Age of the Individual.mp4


(118 MB available)


INTENSO_7/arts/Amy Winehouse (Concert Complet en HD ) 2008.mp4

INTENSO_7/arts/Amy Winehouse Live In London 2007.mp4

INTENSO_7/arts/Loopdiver by Troika Ranch, Berlin.mp4



INTENSO_7/arts/Premiere Wagners "Parsifal".mp3

INTENSO_7/arts/Max Ernst

INTENSO_7/arts/Max Ernst/Max Ernst - A German Painter - Surrealism Video 5 of 6.mp4

INTENSO_7/arts/Max Ernst/max ernst and the surrealist revolution 3 -3.mp4

INTENSO_7/arts/Max Ernst/Max Ernst - A German Painter - Surrealism Video 4 of 6.mp4

INTENSO_7/arts/Max Ernst/Max Ernst - A German Painter - Surrealism Video 3 of 6.mp4

INTENSO_7/arts/Max Ernst/Max Ernst - A German Painter - Surrealism Video 2 of 6.mp4

INTENSO_7/arts/Max Ernst/Max Ernst - A German Painter - Surrealism Video 1 of 6.mp4

INTENSO_7/arts/Max Ernst/Max Ernst - A German Painter - Surrealism Video 6 of 6.mp4



INTENSO_7/arts/Yehudi_Menuhin_100/Die Lange Nacht zum 100. Geburtstag von Yehudi Menuhin - Ein Geiger steht Kopf.pdf










INTENSO_7/Bettinas_DVD/trn_2016-03-01-scheerintelligence0311.mp3  (Robert Scheer in conversation with William Binney)

INTENSO_7/Bettinas_DVD/NSA Whistleblower William Binney- The Future of FREEDOM Tragedy&Hope.mp4  (notes)


INTENSO_7/Bettinas_DVD/Frontline-United_States_of_Secrets/deutsch (Teile 1, 2, 3.mp4)

INTENSO_7/Bettinas_DVD/Frontline-United_States_of_Secrets/Part 2(incl.3) .mp4

INTENSO_7/Bettinas_DVD/Frontline-United_States_of_Secrets/Part 1.mp4

INTENSO_7/Conversations with History

INTENSO_7/Conversations with History/Conversations with History- Robert S. McNamara.mp4

INTENSO_7/Conversations with History/Thinking About the Brain with V.S. Ramachandran - Conversations with History.mp4

INTENSO_7/Conversations with History/Conversations with History- Glenn Greenwald - YouTube.mp4

INTENSO_7/Conversations with History/Movies, Politics and History with Oliver Stone - Conversations with History.mp4

INTENSO_7/Conversations with History/Conversations With History- The Ascent of Money.mp4

INTENSO_7/Conversations with History/Conversations with History- Steven Chu.mp4

INTENSO_7/Conversations with History/Conversations with History- Christof Koch.mp4

INTENSO_7/Conversations with History/Conversations with History- Daniel Ellsberg.mp4

INTENSO_7/Conversations with History/Conversations with History- Christopher Hitchens.mp4

INTENSO_7/Conversations with History/Col Lawrence Wilkerson (Part 1) Conversations With History.mp4


INTENSO_7/Dokus/Al Khalili Elements

INTENSO_7/Dokus/Al Khalili Elements/History of Chemistry 1of3 Discovering The Elements.mp4

INTENSO_7/Dokus/Al Khalili Elements/History of Chemistry 3of3 The Power Of Elements.mp4

INTENSO_7/Dokus/Al Khalili Elements/History of Chemistry 2of3 The Order Of The Elements.mp4

INTENSO_7/Dokus/Al Khalili Elements/Elemente_Das geheime System.mp4


INTENSO_7/Dokus/climate/Disobedience (2016 Documentary).mp4

INTENSO_7/Dokus/climate/Early Anthropogenic Transformations of Earth's Climate- Prof William Ruddiman.mp4

INTENSO_7/Dokus/climate/Pre-Briefing 20. VN-Klimakonferenz - Ottmar Edenhofer, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.mp4

INTENSO_7/Dokus/climate/Pre-Briefing 20-1. VN-Klimakonferenz - Ottmar Edenhofer, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.mp4

INTENSO_7/Dokus/climate/!The Carbon Cycle- CO2 and Climate- Prof David Archer.mp4


INTENSO_7/Dokus/climate/REN21/2015 Global Status Report- Transport.mp4

INTENSO_7/Dokus/climate/REN21/2015 Global Status Report- Energy Efficiency.mp4

INTENSO_7/Dokus/climate/REN21/2014 Distributed Renewable Energy.mp4

INTENSO_7/Dokus/climate/REN21/2015 Global Status Report- Heating and Cooling.mp4

INTENSO_7/Dokus/climate/REN21/2014 100% Renewables- How to make it happen.mp4

INTENSO_7/Dokus/climate/REN21/2014 Policy Frameworks.mp4


INTENSO_7/Dokus/CrisisOfCivilization/Earth Documentary - Experts say sixth mass Extinction on Earth has ALREADY started.mp4

INTENSO_7/Dokus/CrisisOfCivilization/Human Extinction By 2030 -The Crisis of Civilization!.mp4

INTENSO_7/Dokus/CrisisOfCivilization/Das Deep Web - der Untergang der Silk Road - Dokumentation.mp4

INTENSO_7/Dokus/CrisisOfCivilization/Sixth Mass Extinction (Full Documentary).mp4

INTENSO_7/Dokus/das raetsel unseres bewusstseins.mp4


INTENSO_7/Dokus/EnergyDemocracy/Kirsten Hasberg on Energy Democracy TV.mp4

INTENSO_7/Dokus/Thorium - Atomkraft ohne Risiko?.mp4

INTENSO_7/Dokus/Seven Wonders of the Buddhist World - BBC Documentary - with English Subtitles.mp4

INTENSO_7/Dokus/Havel - Liebe zur Wahrheit (2010).mp4



INTENSO_7/Filme/Curt Goetz & Valerie von Martens - Heiter & besinnlich aus der Literatur, 9 - Die Rache (Humor).mp4

INTENSO_7/Filme/German Story - Where we come from- (English & German Subtitles).mp4


INTENSO_7/Filme/ZweiteHeimat (1.mp4 - 13.mp4)

INTENSO_7/Global Brain Institute

INTENSO_7/Global Brain Institute/Harry Halpin & SmĂĄri McCarthy- Societal Cybernetics (Seminar).mp4

INTENSO_7/Global Brain Institute/Viktoras Veitas- Making sense of decentralized (IT) governance.mp4

INTENSO_7/Global Brain Institute/Francis Heylighen - Mind outside of Brain - YouTube.mp4

INTENSO_7/Global Brain Institute/Francis Heylighen- Foundations for a Mathematical Model of the Global Brain.mp4

INTENSO_7/Global Brain Institute/Jean-François Noubel- Collective Intelligence - a New Research Discipline.mp4

INTENSO_7/Global Brain Institute/JoĂŤl de Rosnay. Internet Epigenetics- how to modify DNA from inside.mp4

INTENSO_7/Global Brain Institute/Francis Heylighen- Towards an Intelligent Network for Matching Offer and Demand.mp4


INTENSO_7/IT/Aaron Swartz

INTENSO_7/IT/Aaron Swartz/Anonymous - The Story of Aaron Swartz Full Documentary.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/Aaron Swartz/Aaron Swartz Memorial at Cooper Union Great Hall.mp4 (Part 1, Part 2)

INTENSO_7/IT/Aaron Swartz/ZDFinfo Tod eines Internet Aktivisten 150105 intenetaktivist inf 2256k p14v11.mp4


INTENSO_7/IT/CCC_Camp15/Brewster Kahle- Locking the Web Open- Call for a Distributed Web.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/CCC_Camp15/Daniel "unicornFurnace" Crowley- Bugged Files.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/CCC_Camp15/Luke Gotszling- The quest for artificial general intelligence.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/CCC_Camp15/Ramiro Pareja & Rafa Boix- Hardware attacks- hacking chips on the (very) cheap.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/CCC_Camp15/Mitch- Hackerspace Design Patterns 2.0.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/CCC_Camp15/Liz- Detecting echoes from the dawn of time.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/CCC_Camp15/hukl, Fiona- Chaos Communication Camp Closing.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/CCC_Camp15/Mustafa Al-Bassam, Richard Tynan- How to Destroy a Laptop with Top Secrets.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/CCC_Camp15/Freie Software gegen unsere Freiheit?.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/CCC_Camp15/ijon- Hackerfleet - what happend?.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/CCC_Camp15/hukl, Fiona- Chaos Communication Camp Opening.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/CCC_Camp15/Brewster Kahle- Towards Universal Access to All Knowledge- Internet Archive.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/CCC_Camp15/Infrastructure Review.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/CCC_Camp15/linse- Building a culture of courage.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/CCC_Camp15/Logbuch Netzpolitik- LNP150 Kampf in der fŸnften Dimension.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/CCC_Camp15/Logbuch-Netzpolitik Folge 150.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/CCC_Camp15/Encrypted Email for Planet Earth.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/CCC_Camp15/hanno- TLS interception considered harmful.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/CCC_Camp15/John Giannelos- Satellite Open Ground Station Network.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/CCC_Camp15/Constanze Kurz- Staatstrojaner in Karlsruhe.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/CCC_Camp15/byterazor- FPGAs for everyone.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/CCC_Camp15/Linus Neumann- Politische LĂśsungen fŸr technische Probleme?.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/CCC_Camp15/Gustaf Bjorksten- Fueling the Revolution.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/CCC_Camp15/Catherine Crump- Mainstreet Policing Meets Military-Grade Surveillance.mp4


INTENSO_7/IT/NetworkScience/Neil Gershenfeld- -The Third Digital Revolution- - Solid 2014 Keynote.mp4


INTENSO_7/IT/republica2016/Kate Crawford- Know your terrorist credit score!.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/republica2016/Opening Keynote- The last kilometer, the last chance.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/republica2016/SaveTheInternet  -  a new hope for net neutrality in Europe.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/republica2016/Agnieszka Walorska- Digital Transformation or Digital Destruction-.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/republica2016/Vladan Joler- Metadata Investigation- Inside Hacking Team.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/republica2016/ Anne Schuessler & Uri Aviv- Designing the future.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/republica2016/Ist die NetzneutralitŠt in Europa noch zu retten-.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/republica2016/Trebor Scholz- How Platform Cooperativism Can Unleash the Network.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/republica2016/re-publica 2016  -  Wissensvermittlung im Netz - Was tun, wenn's komplex wird?.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/republica2016/Markus Beckedahl- Fight for your digital rights.mp4




INTENSO_7/IT/Whistleblower/American Whistleblower Tour - West Chester University.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/Whistleblower/American Whistleblowers/ Essential Voices for Accountability.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/Whistleblower/-www-therealnews.com-public_html-media-trn_2016-03-01-scheerintelligence0311.mp3 (Robert Scheer in conversation with William Binney) 

INTENSO_7/IT/Whistleblower/Diane Roark

INTENSO_7/IT/Whistleblower/Diane Roark/Frontline-b2fcb19f_uss_roark-16x9-mp4-baseline.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/Whistleblower/Diane Roark/Dianne Roark 6 14 2014.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/Whistleblower/Diane Roark/Another NSA Whistleblower Steps Forward.mp4


INTENSO_7/IT/Whistleblower/Edward Snowden

INTENSO_7/IT/Whistleblower/Edward Snowden/Edward Snowden Who Really Rules The United States.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/Whistleblower/Edward Snowden/Edward Snowden Dokumentation -Citizenfour - deutsch-german.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/Whistleblower/Frontline - United States of Secrets 2014

INTENSO_7/IT/Whistleblower/Frontline - United States of Secrets 2014/deutsch

Teil 1: Angriff auf die PrivatsphŠre (45 Minuten),

Teil 2: NSA - Operation Allmacht (40 Minuten),

Teil 3: Jagd auf die Whistleblower (45 Minuten). Teil 3 ist Teil von Part 2 der englischen Version.

INTENSO_7/IT/Whistleblower/Frontline - United States of Secrets 2014/english

Part 2

Part 1

INTENSO_7/IT/Whistleblower/NSA_&_DOJ_Whistleblowers_Talk_Whistleblowing_in America-Thomas_Drake&Jesselyn_Radack.mp3


INTENSO_7/IT/Whistleblower/Part 2- Former NSA Employee Thomas Drake and Jesselyn Radack on Whistleblower Crackdown.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/Whistleblower/Obama's War on Leaks.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/Whistleblower/Obama's Crackdown On Whistle Blowers - The Nation's Tim Shorrock Discusses.mp4


INTENSO_7/IT/Whistleblower/Pay Any Price- Greed, Power, and Endless War (w- James Risen).mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/Whistleblower/NSA & DOJ Whistleblowers Talk Whistleblowing in America.mp4




INTENSO_7/IT/Whistleblower/Thomas Tamm

INTENSO_7/IT/Whistleblower/Thomas Tamm/Thomas Tamm on Democracy Now 2 of 2.mp4

INTENSO_7/IT/Whistleblower/Thomas Tamm/Thomas Tamm on Democracy Now 1 of 2.mp4


INTENSO_7/IT/Whistleblower/William Binney - The Government is Profiling You (The NSA is Spying on You).mp4 (with flowchart of ThinThread, link to slideshow about ThinThread), from Cryptography and Information Security Group, MIT TechTV, Massattchussetts Institute of Technology, June 7 (or Computers, Freedom & Privacy Conference (cfp.org), November 19?), 2013 (info, ThinThread explanation: time slots 00:15:50 - 00:25:00 and 00:43:35 - 00:44:16)


INTENSO_7/IT/Whistleblower/U.S. v. Whistleblower Tom Drake_60_Minutes.mp4 (May 22, 2011, 2:00 pm)


INTENSO_7/Medizin/The Truth About Lyme Disease - Fox5 11-03-2016.mp4

INTENSO_7/Medizin/Dr. Steve Phillips - -Appointed-.mp4

INTENSO_7/Medizin/Dr. Steven E. Phillips, MD.mp4

INTENSO_7/Medizin/Interview with Dr. Steven Phillips at the NorVect Conference 2015.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Assange

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Assange/ARTE Doku Deutsch Julian Assange Spionage USA Panama Papers IS ISIS IRAK Syrien.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Assange/Assange on the Untold Story of the Grounding of Evo Morales' Plane During Edward Snowden Manhunt.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Assange/The case of the US vs Bradley Manning | Frontline Club Talks.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Assange/Wikileaks-die ganze Geschichte.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Assange/Frontline Club-New Statesman - Debate on Whistleblowing and WikiLeaks.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Assange/WikiLeaks- Julian Assange and Daniel Ellsberg in conversation.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Assange/What Every American Needs to Know (and Do) About FISA Today | Tim Ferriss & Daniel Ellsberg (June 2008).mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Assange/Assange speaks at WikiLeaks 10th anniversary in Berlin.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Assange/Julian Assange in conversation with Slavoj Zizek moderated by Democracy Now's Amy Goodman.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Carl Sagan's last interview with Charlie Rose (Full Interview).mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Clinton-Benghazi-Hearing-Fails-to-Address-Double-Standard-of-Classified-Information-Law.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/James Risen - Pay Any Price- Greed, Power, and Endless War on Terror , Crackdown on Whistleblowers.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Jeffrey_Sachs

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Jeffrey_Sachs/Repairing Economic Governance - Professor Jeffrey Sachs.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Jeffrey_Sachs/Sustainable action is the only option.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Jeffrey_Sachs/on the MDGs and SDGs.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Jeffrey_Sachs/Keynote Address by Jeffrey Sachs.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Jeffrey_Sachs/Noam Chomsky and Jeffrey Sachs -US Foreign Policy -- Hegemony or Survival--.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Jeffrey_Sachs/ISAP2015 Keynote Speech from Jeffrey D. Sachs.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Jeffrey_Sachs/Migration and Global Inequalities.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Jeffrey_Sachs/China, the Game Changer.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Jeffrey_Sachs/Ending Poverty in Our Generation.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Jeffrey_Sachs/【2015 Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs】 MEETING THE CHALLENGE OF THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Jeffrey_Sachs/EXPERIMENTDAYS16_Pressemitteilung04.04.2016-1.pdf

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Jeffrey_Sachs/on bioeconomy and sustainable development goals (GBS 2015).mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Jeffrey_Sachs/on John F. Kennedy and his Quest For Peace.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Jeffrey_Sachs/discussing global economy on BBC Newsnight 1-19-16.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Jeffrey_Sachs/JColumbia University professor) Supports Occupy Wall Street.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Jeffrey_Sachs/Janus Conversation with Daron Acemoglu and Jeffrey Sachs button.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Jeffrey_Sachs/& Kevin Watkins on Financing for sustainable development.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Jeffrey_Sachs/Esther Duflo and Jeffrey Sachs on poverty in developing nations - Currents - The New Yorker.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Jeffrey_Sachs/2016 - Centesimus Annus 25 Years Later.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Jeffrey_Sachs/The Age of Sustainable Development (1 - 14, Rest)

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Jeffrey_Sachs/The Global Politics of Sustainable Development-.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Jeffrey_Sachs/The End of Poverty Economic Possibilities - C-SPAN Video Library.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Jeffrey_Sachs/The Price of Civilization- - Talks at Google.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Jeffrey_Sachs/The Future of Globalization-.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Marcel_Ophuels

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Marcel_Ophuels/Louis Armstrong-Go Down Moses (Lyrics+Download).mp3

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Marcel_Ophuels/marcel-ophuls.png

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Marcel_Ophuels/Klassik_a_la_carte_AU-20150216-1431-2042.mp3

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Melvyn Leffler

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Melvyn Leffler/Propaganda and War- Iraq and Beyond.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Melvyn Leffler/Justice and Diplomacy Following World War II.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Melvyn Leffler/For the Soul of Mankind -- event video now available.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Melvyn Leffler/Origins of the Iraq War.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Melvyn Leffler/Memoirs and History: The Evolving Story of the George W. Bush Administration.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Melvyn Leffler/Problems of Perception.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Melvyn Leffler/President George H.W. Bush as Commander in Chief.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Melvyn Leffler/Melvyn Leffler on George W. Bush and Saddam Hussein.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Melvyn Leffler/Book Discussion—To Lead the World- American Strategy After the Bush Doctrine.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Melvyn Leffler/Cambridge History of the Cold War - Endings, 1975-1991.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Melvyn Leffler/From Coalition to Rivalry: The Soviet Union and United States at the Beginning of the Cold War.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Mikhail Gorbachev to RT 10.Aug.2015

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Mikhail Gorbachev to RT 10.Aug.2015/Mikhail Gorbachev to RT- America wanted to rule the world but lost its way RT  - SophieCo.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Mikhail Gorbachev to RT 10.Aug.2015/transcript.txt

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Pay Any Price- Greed, Power, and Endless War (w- James Risen).mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/RichardFeynman

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/RichardFeynman/Richard Feynman The World from another point of view [HD].mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/RichardFeynman/Richard Feynman- Nobel Prize Winner, Atomic Bomb, Quantum Mechanics.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/RichardFeynman/Richard Feynman Computer Heuristics Lecture.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/RichardFeynman/Los Alamos From Below -- Richard Feynman.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Volker Quaschning

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Volker Quaschning/Die Bedeutung von dezentralen PV-Systemen fŸr die deutsche Energiewende.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Volker Quaschning/Bedeutung der photovoltaischen Eigenversorgung fŸr die Energiewende und den Klimaschutz.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Volker Quaschning/E-World 2016: Auto als Hausspeicher + Solarworld + Energiewende in NRW.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Volker Quaschning/Requirements for a sustainable energy supply.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Volker Quaschning/Solar Power Trends: German and U.S. Perspectives.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Volker Quaschning/Power fluctuations of a renewable electricity supply..mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Volker Quaschning/5. Nordhessisches EnergiegesprŠch 2015- Vortrag Prof. Ing. Volker Quaschning.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Willy_Brandt

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Willy_Brandt/Zeugen des Jahrhunderts - ZdJ- Willy Brandt Doku (1988).mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Willy_Brandt/100 Jahre Willy Brandt - Dokumentation.mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Willy_Brandt/Eine Woche mit Willy Brandt (1981).mp4

INTENSO_7/non-Whistleblower People/Willy_Brandt/Willy Brandt - Erinnerungen an ein Politikerleben.mp4

INTENSO_7/personal democracy forum

INTENSO_7/personal democracy forum/Kate Crawford - Know Your Terrorist Credit Score.mp4

INTENSO_7/personal democracy forum/Perry Rosenstein - The Purpose Driven Organizer.mp4

INTENSO_7/personal democracy forum/Luna Malbroux - Laughter is the Most Serious Weapon.mp4

INTENSO_7/personal democracy forum/Kristen Soltis Anderson - Beyond Big vs. Little Government.mp4

INTENSO_7/personal democracy forum/Kentaro Toyama - Where Is Our First Law of Robotics-.mp4

INTENSO_7/personal democracy forum/Sherry Turkle - The Pretense of Empathic Machines.mp4

INTENSO_7/personal democracy forum/Stacy Donohue - Engines of Change.mp4

INTENSO_7/personal democracy forum/Andrew Konya | How to Use AI to Have a Real Conversation With a Crowd.mp4

INTENSO_7/personal democracy forum/Jason Mogus - Networked Change.mp4

INTENSO_7/personal democracy forum/Mary Katharine Ham - We're Not Throwing Away Our Shot.mp4

INTENSO_7/personal democracy forum/Safiya Noble - Challenging the Algorithms of Oppression.mp4

INTENSO_7/personal democracy forum/Nick Grossman - Regulating With Data.mp4

INTENSO_7/personal democracy forum/Natalie Foster - A Social Contract for the 21st Century.mp4

INTENSO_7/personal democracy forum/Hossein Derakhshan - The Web We Lost; the Web We Want.mp4

INTENSO_7/personal democracy forum/Mark Surman - Preserving the Free and Open Internet.mp4

INTENSO_7/personal democracy forum/Mariana Ruiz Firmat - Kairos- How a Small Experiment is Changing the Face of Digital Organizing.mp4

INTENSO_7/personal democracy forum/Amanda Rose - Timecounts.mp4

INTENSO_7/personal democracy forum/Erin Vilardi - When Women Run.mp4

INTENSO_7/personal democracy forum/Robin Carnahan - Beyond the Beltway.mp4

INTENSO_7/personal democracy forum/Anil Dash - What If We're Not the Good Guys-.mp4

INTENSO_7/personal democracy forum/Douglas Rushkoff - Reprogramming the Economy- From Growth to Prosperity.mp4

INTENSO_7/personal democracy forum/Sam Dorman - Love Your Technology- The Product Team Approach.mp4

INTENSO_7/personal democracy forum/Marina Martin | Debugging the Bureaucracy.3gp

INTENSO_7/personal democracy forum/Josh Klein - Big Data and Social Control- A Brave New World-.mp4

INTENSO_7/personal democracy forum/Greg Bloom - Building a Safety Net for the 21st Century.mp4

INTENSO_7/personal democracy forum/Anand Kulkarni - Can Digital Jobs Make For Good Work-.mp4

INTENSO_7/personal democracy forum/danah boyd - Be Careful What You Code For.mp4

INTENSO_7/personal democracy forum/Jake Brewer - A Tribute.mp4

INTENSO_7/personal democracy forum/Elizabeth Stewart - Introducing Civic Hall Labs.mp4

INTENSO_7/personal democracy forum/Yvette J Alberdingk Thijm - The Promise and Perils of Being a Civic Eyewitness.mp4

INTENSO_7/personal democracy forum/Tracy Dennis Tiwary - Calming The Politics of Fear- Technology and the Anxious Brain.mp4

INTENSO_7/personal democracy forum/Zack Exley - Lessons from the Sanders Campaign.mp4

INTENSO_7/personal democracy forum/Wael Ghonim - Mobocratic Algorithms.mp4


INTENSO_7/Russland/EXCLUSIVE- Fantastic Russian Primetime 2 HR Putin Documentary 'President'.mp4


INTENSO_7/Russland/Dmitry Orlov- Ukraine-Crimea Update, U.S. Will Self-Destruct in Near Future Update & More.mp4

INTENSO_7/Russland/EXCLUSIVE- The famous Russian documentary on Crimea with Putin FINALLY with SUBS.mp4


INTENSO_7/The Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex (pt1, 2, 3.mp4)


(7870 MB available)


INTENSO_8/Dokus/zuckmayer_2006.mp4 (info)

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Pepe Mujica_Uruguay.mp4 (Info)

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Der Diplomat Egon Bahr  -  Feature von Steffen Lueddemann, NDR Info Spezial vom 23. August 2015.mov

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Der Diplomat Egon Bahr  -  Feature von Steffen Lueddemann, NDR Info Spezial vom 23. August 2015_audio_only.mp3

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Helmut_Schmidt_Lebensfragen_2013.mp4 (Autor: Orlac, Regie: Ben von Grafenstein, im Cache)

INTENSO_8/Dokus/petra_nagel_raissa_2004.mp4 (Info)

INTENSO_8/Dokus/ulrich_timm_egon_bahr_ueber_gorby_2011.mp4 (Info)

INTENSO_8/Dokus/vitali_manskij_gorby_2001.mp4 (Info)

INTENSO_8/Dokus/papier_herrschaft des unrechts.mp4

INTENSO_8Dokus//erinnerungen-wie_wir_uns_irren.mp4 (Info)

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Daniel Baar Weltenangler Matthias Hambsch Tschernobyl.mp4

INTENSO_8/Dokus/heydrich.mp4 (Info)


INTENSO_8/Dokus/wannsee-konferenz.mp4 (Info)


INTENSO_8/Dokus/schoene_neue_welt_Angela Andersen, Claus Kleber.mp4


INTENSO_8/Dokus/hannah ahrendt & guenter gaus.mp4


INTENSO_8/Dokus/willy wimmer nach attentat in berlin.mp4

INTENSO_8/Dokus/schmitt_Der große Atomdeal.mpeg

INTENSO_8/Dokus/eisenhower military industrial cx.mp4

INTENSO_8/Dokus/willy-wimmer_nds_2017_04_03_audio.mp3 (Info)

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Curveball.mpeg (Info)

INTENSO_8/Dokus/norman solomon war made easy - how presidents and pundits keep spinning us to death (2007).mp4

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Wassili Archipow/

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Wassili Archipow/Der Mann der die Welt rettete - Das Geheimnis der Kuba-Krise | Doku deutsch.mp4

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Wassili Archipow/Dritter Weltkrieg verhindert- Interview mit dem russischen Oberst, der die Welt rettete.mp4

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Wassili Archipow/Wassili Archipow - Dieser Mann rettete die Welt, und niemand weiss es.mp4

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Richard Clarke/

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Richard Clarke/911_hearings.mp4

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Richard Clarke/Ex-Counterterrorism Czar Richard Clarke: Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld Committed War Crimes.mp4

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Richard Clarke/Richard Clarke Keynote at S4x17.mp4

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Richard Clarke/Why Government Failure Occurs-National Security Disasters (2017).mp4


INTENSO_8/Dokus/Putin/PBS Vladimir Putin Interview Part 1 2 Full Documentary.mp4

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Putin/oliver stone/

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Putin/oliver stone/The Putin Interviews - Part 1 (English Subtitles).mp4

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Putin/oliver stone/The Putin Interviews - Part 2 (English Subtitles).mp4


INTENSO_8/Dokus/Der Kreml und Deutschland/1 Der Kreml und Deutschland 1(3) Gekaufte Revolution und geheime Partnerschaft.mp4

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Der Kreml und Deutschland/2 Der Kreml und Deutschland 2(3) Tšdlicher Schulterschluss und Duell der Despoten.mp4

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Der Kreml und Deutschland/3 Der Kreml und Deutschland 3(3) Der schwere Weg der Versoehnung.mp4


INTENSO_8/Dokus/Richard_Rhodes/Richard Rhodes The Making of the Atomic Bomb Audiobook Part 1.mp3 (Audiobook, Pt. 1 of 3, Info)

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Richard_Rhodes/Richard Rhodes The Making of the Atomic Bomb Audiobook Part 2.mp3

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Richard_Rhodes/Richard Rhodes The Making of the Atomic Bomb Audiobook Part 3.mp3

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Lied To Death- Conversations with Daniel Ellsberg/ (Comment)

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Lied To Death- Conversations with Daniel Ellsberg/Intro This Is The Human Condition.mp3 (info)

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Lied To Death- Conversations with Daniel Ellsberg/Chapter 1.mp3

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Lied To Death- Conversations with Daniel Ellsberg/Chapter 2.mp3

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Lied To Death- Conversations with Daniel Ellsberg/Chapter 3.mp3

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Lied To Death- Conversations with Daniel Ellsberg/Chapter 4.mp3

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Lied To Death- Conversations with Daniel Ellsberg/Chapter 5.mp3

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Lied To Death- Conversations with Daniel Ellsberg/Chapter 6.mp3

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Lied To Death- Conversations with Daniel Ellsberg/Chapter 7.mp3

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Lied To Death- Conversations with Daniel Ellsberg/Chapter 8.mp3

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Lied To Death- Conversations with Daniel Ellsberg/Chapter 9.mp3

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Lied To Death- Conversations with Daniel Ellsberg/Chapter 10.mp3

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Lied To Death- Conversations with Daniel Ellsberg/Chapter 11.mp3

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Lied To Death- Conversations with Daniel Ellsberg/Chapter 12 Conclusion.mp3

INTENSO_8/Dokus/FRONTLINE_Divided States of America

INTENSO_8/Dokus/FRONTLINE_Divided States of America/FRONTLINE - S35 Ep5- Divided States of America (Part 1).mp4

INTENSO_8/Dokus/FRONTLINE_Divided States of America/Divided States of America Part 2 PBS Documentary 2017.mp4

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Willy Brandt

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Willy Brandt/1.mp4

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Willy Brandt/2.mp4

INTENSO_8/Dokus/Jacob Bronowski

Lower than the Angels - Evolution of man from proto-ape to 400,000 years ago.

The Harvest of the Seasons - Early human migration, agriculture and the first settlements, war.

The Grain in the Stone - Tools, development of architecture and sculpture.

The Hidden Structure - Fire, metals and alchemy.

Music of the Spheres - The language of numbers.

The Starry Messenger - Galileo's universe.

The Majestic Clockwork - Explores Newton and Einstein's laws.

The Drive for Power - The Industrial Revolution.

The Ladder of Creation - Darwin and Wallace's ideas on the origin of species.

World within World - The story of the periodic table.

Knowledge or Certainty - Physics and the clash of absolute knowledge, the oppressive state, and its misgivings realizing the result of its terrible outcome.

Generation upon Generation - Life, genetics, and the cloning of identical forms.

The Long Childhood - Bronowski's treatise on the commitment of man.


INTENSO_8/Interviews/the real news network/pt-1_of_4_Whats-a-Progressive-and-the-Fight-for-Chair-of-the-California-Democratic-Party.mp4

INTENSO_8/Interviews/the real news network/pt-2_of_4_Warfare-State-at-War-with-Trump-as-he-Plans-Warfare-Against-Iran.mp4 (video cache on INTENSO#8, local transcript)

INTENSO_8/Interviews/the real news network/pt-3_of_4_Can-the-Democratic-Party-Be-Reformed---RAI-with-Norman-Solomon.mp4

INTENSO_8/Interviews/the real news network/pt-4_of_4_Corporate-Democrats-Persecute-Whistleblowers---RAI-with-Norman-Solomon.mp4

INTENSO_8/Interviews/Conversations with History- Eva Harris.mp4

INTENSO_8/Interviews/Sam Harris/

INTENSO_8/Interviews/Sam Harris/Sam Harris and Dave Rubin- Islam, Trump, Hillary, and Free Will (Full Interview).mp4

INTENSO_8/Interviews/Sam Harris/Waking Up with Sam Harris #31 Ń Evolving Minds - A Conversation with Jonathan Haidt.mp4

INTENSO_8/Interviews/Sam Harris/Waking Up With Sam Harris #62 - What is True? (with Jordan B. Peterson).mp4

INTENSO_8/Interviews/Why was the Vietnam War Fought? Robert McNamara on Lessons Learned, Mistakes (1995).mp4

INTENSO_8/Interviews/Oliver Stone/

INTENSO_8/Interviews/Oliver Stone/The Putin Interviews' - Oliver Stone Speaks Out!  RonPaulLibertyReport.mp4

INTENSO_8/Interviews/oliver stone/The Putin Interview/the putin interviews making.mp4

INTENSO_8/Interviews/oliver stone/Oliver Stone Russia to blame for Ukraine violence is Fake .mp4

INTENSO_8/Interviews/oliver stone/Oliver Stone - Cambridge Union.mp4

INTENSO_8/Interviews/oliver stone/Oliver Stone on "Snowden"  Harvard Institute of Politics.mp4

INTENSO_8/Interviews/oliver stone/The Putin Interview/

INTENSO_8/Interviews/oliver stone/The Putin Interview/The Putin Interviews - Part 1 (English Subtitles).mp4

INTENSO_8/Interviews/oliver stone/The Putin Interview/The Putin Interviews - Part 2 (English Subtitles).mp4


INTENSO_8/Interviews/Putin/PBS Vladimir Putin Interview Part 1 2 Full Documentary.mp4


INTENSO_8/Vortraege/Dirk Helbing/

INTENSO_8/Vortraege/Dirk Helbing/Economy 4.0 (in German).mp4

INTENSO_8/Vortraege/Dirk Helbing/From Crystal Ball to Magic Wand_The New World Order in Times of Digital Revolution.mp4

INTENSO_8/Vortraege/Michael Lueders

INTENSO_8/Vortraege/Michael Lueders/UNGLAUBLICHER Vortrag - Michael Lueders Ÿber Erdogan, Syrien und Aussenpolitik | 27.03.2017 .mp4

INTENSO_8/Vortraege/Michael Lueders/Wer den Wind saetÉ Was westliche Politik im Orient anrichtet | Michael Lueders | SWR Tele-Akademie.mp4



INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/3 years after snowden.mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/33c3 infrastructure review..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/A New Dark Age [33c3]..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/build your own nsa..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/ccc- jahresrŸckblick..mp4


INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/Check Your Police Record! [33c3] - YouTube..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/console hacking..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/Corporate surveillance, digital tracking, big data & privacy [33c3]..mp4


INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/economic consequences of internet censorship..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/Ein Geheimdienst als Zeuge. Szenen aus dem NSA-Untersuchungsausschuss. [33c3]..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/Einfuehrung zu Blockchains [33c3]..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/erdgeist- Kampf dem Abmahnunwesen [33c3]..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/Es sind die kleinen Dinge im Leben [33c3]..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/ethics in the data society..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/Everything you always wanted to know about Certificate Transparency (33c3)..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/fight for encryption (opsahl)..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/from server farm to data table..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/Genetic Codes and what they tell us – and everyone else (33c3)..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/gone in 60 milliseconds..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/Haft fŸr Whistleblower- [33c3]..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/in search of evidence based security..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/irren ist staatlich..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/Law Enforcement Are Hacking the Planet [33c3]..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/machine dreams -josha bach..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/make the internet neutral again -lohninger..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/Make Wi-Fi fast again [33c3]..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/Markus Beckedahl- Privatisierung der Rechtsdurchsetzung [33c3]..mp4 (netzpolitik.org, info)

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/millionen dollar dissidents..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/Netzpolitik in der Schweiz 2016 [33c3]..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/Netzpolitik in Oesterreich [33c3]..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/no love for the us government..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/pufs, protection..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/rebel cities..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/Routerzwang und Funkabschottung [33c3]..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/security audit - us elections..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/security nightmares..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/smart cities..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/Space making-space shaping [33c3]..mp4


INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/stopping law enforcement hacking..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/surveilling the surveillers..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/Technologien fŸr und wider Digitale Souveraenitaet (33c3)..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/The 12 Networking Truths [33c3]..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/the clash of digitalizations..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/the global assassination kit..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/The High Priests of the Digital Age (33c3)..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/transhumanist paradox..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/understanding the snooper's charter..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/untold - snowdens hong kong abreise..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/Von Kaffeeriechern, Abtrittanbietern und Fischbeinrei§ern [33c3]..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/welcome to the anthropocene..mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/33C3/world without blockchain.mp4


INTENSO_8/IT/media.ccc/10 Jahre Informationsfreiheitsgesetz Đ Wie wir den Staat zu mehr Transparenz zwingen.mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/media.ccc/CR206 - Basics des Hardware-Hackings.mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/media.ccc/CR214 - Hackerethik.mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/media.ccc/CYBER! Der Staat als Krimineller..mp4



INTENSO_8/IT/media.ccc/Geheimdienste au§er Kontrolle und warum die BND-Reform keine ist..mp4


INTENSO_8/IT/media.ccc/We hate to say we told you so - IT Sicherheit als Kriegshandwerk.mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/Digitale_Gesellschaft_auf_FluxFM (In digitaler Gesellschaft, Website)

INTENSO_8/IT/Digitale_Gesellschaft_auf_FluxFM/NetzDG: Tauziehen um die Meinungsfreiheit - DigiGes @ FluxFM.mp4 (11.5.2017)

INTENSO_8/IT/Digitale_Gesellschaft_auf_FluxFM/Gesetz gegen Hate Speech_ Zensiertes Netz mit Klarnamenzwang? - DigiGes @ FluxFM.mp3 (30.3.2017)

INTENSO_8/IT/Digitale_Gesellschaft_auf_FluxFM/Wie der BND auch InlŠnder Ÿberwacht - DigiGes @ FluxFM.mp3 (14.10.2016)

INTENSO_8/IT/Digitale_Gesellschaft_auf_FluxFM/BND kann jetzt auch NSA - DigiGes @ FluxFM.mp3 (15.9.2016)

INTENSO_8/IT/Digitale_Gesellschaft_auf_FluxFM/Regierung will Staatstrojaner massenhaft einsetzen - DigiGes @ FluxFM.mp3 (25.5.2017)

A Good American



INTENSO_8/IT/a_good_american/videos/A GOOD AMERICAN - Trailer deutsch german [HD].mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/a_good_american/videos/A Good American - Trailer OmU.mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/a_good_american/videos/Binney at InfoWars (5 August 2016).mov


INTENSO_8/IT/a_good_american/videos/3.snowden v.1.0 - binney_tells_it_all.mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/a_good_american/videos/Buermeyer_BND-Gesetz (21. Sept. 2016).mov

From Moscow with Love

INTENSO_8/IT/a_good_american/videos/From Moscow with Love/1_From_Moscow_with_Love.mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/a_good_american/videos/From Moscow with Love/2_From_Moscow_with_Love.mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/a_good_american/videos/NSA Whistleblower William Binney- The Future of FREEDOM Tragedy&Hope.mp4  (notes)


INTENSO_8/IT/a_good_american/videos/snowden, greenwald, chomsky on acTVism.mp4

The United States of Secrets - deutsch

INTENSO_8/IT/a_good_american/videos/United States of Secrets - deutsch/Teil1-140527_staaten1_inf_436k_p9v11.mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/a_good_american/videos/United States of Secrets - deutsch/Teil2-140608_staaten2_inf_436k_p9v11.mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/a_good_american/videos/United States of Secrets - deutsch/Teil3-140527_staaten3_inf_436k_p9v11.mp4


INTENSO_8/IT/Whistleblower/binney bamboozling.mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/Whistleblower/We Steal Secrets - Die WikiLeaks Geschichte (2013).mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/Whistleblower/Ellsberg_What Every American Needs to Know (and Do) About FISA Today - Tim Ferriss.mp4


INTENSO#8/Whistleblower /U.S. v. Whistleblower Tom Drake.mp4

INTENSO#8/Whistleblower /tom_drake_full_interview_on_gap.mp4


INTENSO_8/IT/Whistleblower/Kiriakou/Interview w CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou Pt 2-Obama's War Crimes.mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/Whistleblower/Kiriakou/Kiriakou, CIA whistle blower part 1.mp4 

INTENSO_8/IT/Whistleblower/Kiriakou/John Kiriakou part 2.mp4

Published on Feb 19, 2016. CIA whistle blower John Kiriaqou talks to Fort Collin Community Action Network about his experiences working for the CIA and offers a fascinating look inside federal prison.



INTENSO_8/IT/Whistleblower/Snowden/Edward Snowden Dokumentation -Citizenfour - deutsch-german.mp4

INTENSO_8/IT/Whistleblower/Snowden/'State of Surveillance' with Edward Snowden and Shane Smith (FULL EPISODE).mp4



INTENSO_8/Filme/Night Train to Lisbon.mp4

INTENSO_8/Filme/andorra weizsŠcker.mp4

INTENSO_8/Filme/Das Ende der Geduld.mp4








INTENSO_8/Filme/A Foreign Affair 1948

INTENSO_8/Filme/A Foreign Affair 1948/3.mpg

INTENSO_8/Filme/A Foreign Affair 1948/3.mp4

INTENSO_8/Filme/A Foreign Affair 1948/1.mpeg

INTENSO_8/Filme/A Foreign Affair 1948/2.mpeg

INTENSO_8/Filme/Oppenheimer - Father of the Atomic Bomb

written by Peter Prince, directed by Barry Davis (1980).

Episode 1 - First years: Berkeley, Pasadena.

Episode 2 - Autumn 1942. Groves chooses Oppenheimer. Hakon Chevalier.

Episode 3 - Initial chaos in Los Alamos. Ed Condon leaves over quarrels with Groves. Jean Tatlock's suicide. Groves signs Oppenheimer's security clearance for Manhatten Project. Oppenheimer names Hakon Chevalier Christmas 1944.

Episode 4 - James Tuck proposes, Edward Teller, Hans Bethe favor implosion lenses. George Kistiakowsky takes charge of Implosion. Objections from Chicago Lab, Oppenheimer: "I think these people in Chicago are naive." Teller: "It's a terrible responsibility." Death of Roosevelt.

Episode 5 - Decision to drop A-Bomb on Japan. Trinity - Kistiakowsky blamed for implosion test failure. Oppenheimer: "I have become death."

Episode 6 - Late 1940s, 7. June 1949: Oppenheimer summoned before closed session of House Unamerican Activities Committee, Frank Oppenheimer fired from his position at U Minnesota, Russian A-Bomb, Teller pro hydrogen bomb ("Super"): "We can see no limit to the potential destructive power of the hydrogen." Atomic Energy Commission General Advisory Commission (GAC) meeting, Lewis Strauss approves investigation into Oppenheimer, Teller tries to find scientists to work on Super, Oppenheimer declines: "It will be insatiable!". Oppenheimer's candid talk at Los Alamos about Strategic Air Command's (Curtis LeMay) paranoid war philosophy, his security clearance revoked, investigation doubts Oppenheimer's truthfulness. In the Matter of J. Robert Oppenheimer (in cache)

Episode 7 - 1954 Hearings, Teller's testimony, late life in Princeton.

INTENSO_8/Star Trek (TNG Season 6) audiomono

INTENSO_8/Star Trek TNG/Eine Handvoll Datas.mpeg (S06E08) A_Fistful_of_Datas)

INTENSO_8/Star Trek TNG/Besuch von der alten Enterprise.mpeg (S06E04: Relics)

aquiel.mpeg (S06) (deutsch)

chain of command 1.mpeg  (S06)

chain of command 2.mp4  (S06)

ship_in_a_bottle.mpeg (S06)


(37130 MB available)

INTENSO#9/auch auf INTENSO#7






























INTENSO#9/Edge.NetworkScience/Collective Intelligence- What is it- How to measure it- Increase it- - Thomas Malone.mp4

INTENSO#9/Edge.NetworkScience/CHM Revolutionaries- SRI's Curt Carlson and Bill Mark in Conversation with John Markoff.mp4

INTENSO#9/Edge.NetworkScience/Neil Gershenfeld- -The Third Digital Revolution- - Solid 2014 Keynote.mp4

INTENSO#9/Edge.NetworkScience/Douglas Engelbart Interviewed by John Markoff of the New York Times.mp4

INTENSO#9/Edge.NetworkScience/Networks Understanding Networks, Pt. 10- Nicholas Christakis.mp4

INTENSO#9/Edge.NetworkScience/Digital Reality, A Conversation with Neil Gershenfeld from Edge Foundation.mp4

INTENSO#9/Edge.NetworkScience/David Moinina Sengeh- Technology and Innovation as a National Development Strategy.mp4

INTENSO#9/Edge.NetworkScience/Artificial Intelligence vs. Augmented Intelligence (John Markoff Interview).mp4

INTENSO#9/Edge.NetworkScience/The Shape of Things to Come.mp4

INTENSO#9/Edge.NetworkScience/Nicholas Christakis- Social Networks and Genetics.mp4

INTENSO#9/Edge.NetworkScience/Nicholas Christakis- The Sociological Science Behind Social Networks and Social Influence.mp4

INTENSO#9/Edge.NetworkScience/10.12.15 Augmenting Human Intelligence-AI and the Future of Cognitive Computing.mp4

INTENSO#9/Edge.NetworkScience/Lee Smolin- Think About Nature.mp4

INTENSO#9/Edge.NetworkScience/Adam Alter- Disfluency.mp4

INTENSO#9/Edge.NetworkScience/Joshua D. Greene- Deep Pragmatism.mp4


INTENSO#9/Edge.NetworkScience/Stephen Wolfram - AI & The Future Of Civilization.mp4

INTENSO#9/Edge.NetworkScience/Edge Conversation (Stewart Brand, George Dyson, Kevin Kelly, Meir Brand, Adrian Kreye) - DLD11.mp4




INTENSO#9/MikeMaloney/Ron Paul's Greatest Interview- Gold, Silver, Freedom, Free Markets, & Sound Money - Mike Maloney.mp4

INTENSO#9/MikeMaloney/1-Money vs Currency - Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 1 - Mike Maloney.mp4

INTENSO#9/MikeMaloney/7-USA's Day Of Reckoning - Hidden Secrets Of Money 7 - Mike Maloney.mp4

INTENSO#9/MikeMaloney/6-The Case for $20,000 oz Gold - Debt Collapse - Mike Maloney - Silver & Gold.mp4

INTENSO#9/MikeMaloney/3-Death Of US Dollar Reserve Status - Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 3- Mike Maloney.mp4

INTENSO#9/MikeMaloney/4-The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind - Who Owns The Federal Reserve- Hidden Secrets of Money 4.mp4

INTENSO#9/MikeMaloney/5-Rise Of Hitler Was ECONOMICS - Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 5 - Mike Maloney.mp4

INTENSO#9/MikeMaloney/2-Seven Stages Of Empire - Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 2 - Mike Maloney.mp4


INTENSO#9/SamHarris/Sam Harris 2016 - Islam and the Future of Tolerance Sam Harris ted talk.mp4

INTENSO#9/SamHarris/Sam Harris 2016 Ted Talk on AI.mp4

INTENSO#9/SamHarris/TenTimes Sam Harris Blew Our Minds.mp4

INTENSO#9/SamHarris/Sam Harris Brilliantly Decimates A Muslim Apologist.mp4

INTENSO#9/SamHarris/Sam Harris and Cenk Uygur Clear the Air on Religious Violence and Islam.mp4

INTENSO#9/SamHarris/Sam Harris on religious belief (Full).mp4

INTENSO#9/SamHarris/Sam Harris discusses Islam, Orlando and the reaction from Trump, Clinton and Obama.mp4

INTENSO#9/SamHarris/Best of Sam Harris Debate, Interview, Arguments #1 - Mind blowing documentary.mp4

INTENSO#9/SamHarris/Sam Harris on -Free Will-.mp4

INTENSO#9/SamHarris/Sam Harris and Dave Rubin Talk Religion, Politics, Free Speech (Full Interview).mp4

INTENSO#9/SamHarris/Heated Debate on Police Racial Profiling - Sam Harris, Hannibal Buress & Joe Rogan.mp4

INTENSO#9/SamHarris/Sam Harris- The Self is an Illusion.mp4

INTENSO#9/SamHarris/Sam Harris - A Collection Of Arguments Every Believer and Atheist Should Know About.mp4

INTENSO#9/SamHarris/Sam Harris - Death and the Present Moment.mp4

INTENSO#9/SamHarris/Science can answer moral questions - Sam Harris.mp4

INTENSO#9/SamHarris/Sam Harris Greatest Speech On Religion.mp4

INTENSO#9/SamHarris/My Chat with Sam Harris (THE SAAD TRUTH_262).mp4

INTENSO#9/SamHarris/Sam Harris On Black Lives Matter BLM.mp4

INTENSO#9/SamHarris/Ben Affleck, Sam Harris and Bill Maher Debate Radical Islam - Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO).mp4

INTENSO#9/SamHarris/#22  - Surviving the Cosmos- A Conversation with David Deutsch.mp3

INTENSO#9/SamHarris/Sam Harris Discusses His Ben Affleck Debate on Real Time with Bill Maher.mp4

INTENSO#9/SamHarris/Sam Harris on Islam, the Left, Trump, and Hillary.mp4

INTENSO#9/SamHarris/TheEndOfTheWorld (1 - 6.mp4)

INTENSO#9/Seven Wonders of the Buddhist World - BBC Documentary - with English Subtitles.mp4



INTENSO#9/StuartBrand/BBCHowBuildingsLearn/5. How Buildings Learn - Stewart Brand - 5 of 6 - 'The Romance of Maintenance'.mp4

INTENSO#9/StuartBrand/BBCHowBuildingsLearn/6. How Buildings Learn - Stewart Brand - 6 of 6 - 'Shearing Layers'.mp4

INTENSO#9/StuartBrand/BBCHowBuildingsLearn/1. How Buildings Learn - Stewart Brand - 1 of 6 - 'Flow'.mp4

INTENSO#9/StuartBrand/BBCHowBuildingsLearn/3. How Buildings Learn - Stewart Brand - 3 of 6 - 'Built for Change'.mp4

INTENSO#9/StuartBrand/BBCHowBuildingsLearn/2. How Buildings Learn - Stewart Brand - 2 of 6 - 'The Low Road'.mp4

INTENSO#9/StuartBrand/De-Extinction- Ethics, Law & Politics - Environmental Law and Related Issues.mp4

INTENSO#9/StuartBrand/Freeman Dyson with George and Esther Dyson, The Difficulty of Looking Far Ahead.mp4

INTENSO#9/StuartBrand/Roger Kennedy, The Political History of North America from 25,000BC to 12,000AD.mp4

INTENSO#9/StuartBrand/Clay Shirky, Making Digital Durable - SALT.mp4

INTENSO#9/StuartBrand/Daniel Janzen - Third World Conservation- It's ALL Gardening - Long Now.mp4

INTENSO#9/StuartBrand/Big Think Interview With Stewart Brand.mp4

INTENSO#9/StuartBrand/Interview with Stewart Brand.mp4

INTENSO#9/StuartBrand/Paul Hawken -The Long Green- Seminar About Long Term Thinking.mp4

INTENSO#9/StuartBrand/Stewart Brand- 4 environmental 'heresies'.mp4

INTENSO#9/StuartBrand/Stewart Brand- The Whole Earth Man.mp4

INTENSO#9/StuartBrand/Sam Harris, The View from the End of the World, SALT talk.mp4

INTENSO#9/StuartBrand/Ray Kurzweil - Kurzweil's Law - Long Now Seminars About Long Term Thinking.mp4

INTENSO#9/StuartBrand/Stewart Brand with The Long Now Foundation.mp4

INTENSO#9/StuartBrand/Rethinking Green. Stewart Brand encourages us to strive for sustainability..mp4

INTENSO#9/StuartBrand/Rob Neuwirth, The 21st-century Medieval City - Seminars About Long Term Thinking.mp4

INTENSO#9/StuartBrand/Stewart Brand - Talks at Google.mp4

INTENSO#9/StuartBrand/Jared Diamond - How Societies Fail-And Sometimes Succeed - Long Now Foundation.mp4

INTENSO#9/StuartBrand/Stewart Brand- The dawn of de-extinction. Are you ready-.mp4

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