Advective Chromatographic Transport

Advective transport of interacting solutes: the chromatographic model

This is similar to my paper "Advective transport of interacting solutes: the chromatographic model" in: U. Förstner and W. Calmano (eds.), "Sediments and Toxic Substances", Environmental Sciences Series, Springer, Heidelberg, 1996.

Joachim Gruber

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Methods of multicomponent chromatography are presented that allow to visualize the influence of chemical interactions on solute transport. The Riemann problem is solved to a large extent based on the mathematics of non-linear hyperbolic differential equations, before the problem is handed over to the computer. Since thereby the computational efforts are kept compatible with the corresponding limitations in a chemical laboratory, this method has been used for decades in chemical engineering. The method is illustrated for various multicomponent isotherms, e.g. the one underlying surface complexation models as implemented in the MINEQL family of programs.

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