Salzburg 29. III. 48
Dear Peter:

I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better.

Here everything is still very heavy snow. The lake is frozen. We did receive the kerosene burners and they do help, especially to keep the pipes warm in some bad places. Thank you again very much for the CARE packages. They do make a great difference in our lives.

About the Schloss: I cannot sell it to the Academy. It has belonged to my husband's family so long, I cannot do such a thing, even though they have no one to use it now. I would be much criticized here, although of course the city people are always trying to take it away. But can we not have a rent-lease for a longer time, for several years? Then you will be sure to have it when you want it. I will not need it because I will be leaving Salzburg. Hans Schaumburg came back at Christmas. He found an army friend in Salzburg where he lived for a week and he came out here. We saw each other every day, and came to know each other. He asked me to marry him, and I have decided to do it. I think you may have noticed something in August, when we were closing the Schloss and he remained behind with us when the others had gone, but I was so upset about Graham, about everything that happened, I did not want to think about such things. But, Peter, I have to think about my life, I cannot sit here all alone on this lake forever. I have to go on, and he is really a fine man, I have become very fond of him, he wants to go back to Berlin next summer, to finish his studies there at the Free University and then to do something about rebuilding Germany, and I think people like that will be needed, even if they were officers before. I don't know what I can do about Graham. You know, he saved my life. Last winter, when the baby died, I could not have gone on if he had not been here to help me. But he is just too young and it would not have worked and so it is over. But I will have to write to him about this, and I dread to do it.

Perhaps I hope that you will find a way to tell him for me, or perhaps you will write me that he has another girl and does not care so much? No, that is not right, I will write him myself, but not yet.

Peter, I hope with all my heart that you are really much better, and that you will be back on our lake this summer. You have started such a wonderful thing that must grow and become more important. I am so proud that it is in our old place.

I will be here still until the end of May, and hope very much to help you with your preparations for next summer.

Always your friend, 

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1961 - A Point of View
[1] The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Boatwright Corporation
[2] What are you going to do about Boatwright and what are you going to do about yourself?
[3] Have we learned anything this evening, Doctor?
[4] Producing results?
[5] Alexander's Feast
[6] How'd you like to go over to Salzburg for a month with me?

1947 - An Island
[7] You're not going to Berlin. You're staying here.
[8] All right, we're the Military Government.
[9] The Americans are teaching us to be democratic instead of fascistic.
[10] Well, this is Fasching.
[11] Letters after Ash Wednesday
[12] Say Boris is at Schloss Fyrmian.
[13] THE AMERICAN ACADEMY IN EUROPE - Prospectus for the First Session
[14] Learn to think of people as individuals.
[15] Parlez-moi d'amour, redites-moi des choses tendres.
[16] Not one thing left to show that you've ever been on earth? - "Sources of Soviet Conduct"
[17] A Countess, a Prussian Officer and a Ländler
[18] Now this part of your life is over and I'm sending you home.
[19] A father who's too busy to watch his son die. - The Spring of 1961
>[20] I cannot sell Schloss Fyrmian to the Academy.

1961 - A Change of Air
[21] The first thing I saw was the Festung Hohensalzburg far in the distance, silhouetted against the shadowy curtain of the high mountains.
[22] Next day at the Academy we got to work - Graham, you know what Fleischer did?
[23] Im weißen Rößl am Wolfgangsee
[24] Brockaw writing a thesis on Austrian baroque architecture? - Boatwright Corporation and Boris Fleischer, plaintiffs
[25] You know there a Mr. Devereaux? Mr. Armistead Devereaux?
[26] I think always of Peter Devereaux.
[27] It sounds like an act of desperation, and it won't hold up in court.
[28] In those Oklahoma Hills WHERE AH WAS BOW-AHHHN!
[29] ... that we should meet again like this . . . I think perhaps there is a reason.
[30] "Is there here an American by name of Brockaw?"
[31] This is Boris Fleischer!
[32] "Does Hans work for Gehlen?" Paola shook her head. "More the other way around."
[33] Won't you please come home? Everybody needs you, I most of all.
[34] With this Waffenstillstand you have time now.
[35] You're going to regret this for the rest of your life!
[36] We Europeans would not do it. None of us. - People think you need medical attention.
[37] Will they trust you?
[38] Some things about the U.S.A. are perhaps rather important, and to us impressive.
[39] You're going to need a good lawyer.

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